The Americake Is Baked

If you’re at a McCake-eating party on November 4th, and you see this cake, it means you’re on the receiving end of a landslide loss of historic proportions. The upside is, Obama— and all Americans— have been granted the opportunity to dramatically change America’s current disastrous course, avert impending catastrophe, and embark on a new era of breath-taking change that will bring out the best in all Americans, launching our nation— and our world— on an unprecedented voyage of enthralling change and progress.


If McCake manages to “pull this thing out” (yeah yeah;  I do mean steal it) and you see this cake at an Obama headquarters, you’ll be way too sick at heart to eat anything for several weeks.  The upside is, you’ll lose that extra weight you’ve been wanting to lose.
The downside, you’ll also be losing your job, your house, your lifestyle, your social security, your future, your children’s future, and the American dream you thought you had will become your permanent nightmare. And, as all this washes over you, you can watch the McTanic silently slip under the waves, into the freezing black waters of America’s spectacular demise.

Yes, of course you’re right, it’s all just Mcperbole and Mcfatalism talking.  Nothing Dick Bush did to us is irreversible, even if we must endure four, eight, even sixteen more years of Republican terrorists looting our nation and pillaging our planet, before we can even think of rehabbing our rudderless ship of state.

So. Not part of the voting electorate again this year?  Yes, it is a “free” country.  No one can force you to be a real citizen of your own nation.  Hate politics?  Who could blame you— for being disengaged and a drag on our system…  Just sit back and enjoy your little piece of Americake while you still can;  wherever it may find you.  Maybe it wont be the last piece you’ll ever see.

Popular elections may not always decide things rightly, but they represent the right way even to do a wrong thing.

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