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We can work it out.

Scatology Week: bush pilesLeaving a Legacy of Shit for Barack to clean up may be the smartest thing Dick-Bush ever did. (Hold your nose and click it.)

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up.  I’ve had enough shit from the Dick-Bush Debacle (D-BD) the past eight years to last me a couple lifetimes.  Of course, with all the feces they’ve dumped on us, they’ve all but ruined scatological humor for the foreseeable future, not to mention having defecated on practically every American value in the process.

If statistics mean anything, then nearly half of the nation’s self-described “conservatives” are so constipated with hardened ideas of what constitutes real values, that they are beyond effective treatment.  We’re talking serious ideological fecal impaction, here.  No amount of “Correctal” or “Purge” will ever “gitter done.”  There simply is no ideological laxative strong enough to eviscerate decades of calcified thinking, compacted by the ignorant refusal to change one’s mind or position, even when the alternative is political stagnation and ideological death.

Yes.  Obama’s presidential plate is full, and everyone nose noez it. And it’s no stretch of imagination to realize that it’s going to take an almost superhuman poise and persistence to pull America back from the brink of destruction, where the D-BD has firmly deposited our once great nation. And when the true diagnosis is finally understood, the course of treatment will likely cause humility and pain, and the proscribed prescription may very well taste like, shit.

Butt.  Don’t be discouraged.  America has said through its suffrage that it truly wants the chance to recover;  to get better. Then it had better “seize the day” by rolling up its collective sleeves in unity, and agree to swallow the tough medicine that’s finally on the way.  So be filled with hope, and remember how wonderful it’s going to be, to be cleansed, healed, inspired, and renewed;  and that our pain and suffering will inevitably bring peace and joy.
I shit you not.


  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    Dr Zaius!
    Thanks for stopping by; I know how busy you must be, running for president already, but don’t think Gregarious is going to energize your base; she may be a hottie, but she’s also a human, and when it’s all said and done, humans can’t be trusted. Just sayin’.

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