Franken’s Lead Now Seems Insurmountable


TPM reports that:

With Recount Complete And More Ballots Counted, Franken’s Lead Appears To Be Insurmountable

By Eric Kleefeld – January 3, 2009, 6:54PM

Today’s events in Minnesota make it appear that a Norm Coleman victory is now pretty much impossible — and it just so happens to have occurred on the day his Senate term officially expired. A nice extra touch.

Election officials today counted through about 950 absentee ballots that both campaigns agreed had been wrongly rejected, completing the recount unless there is any new court intervention. The result: Al Franken’s paper-thin lead of 49 votes has now jumped to 225 votes — way beyond what most people crunching the numbers expected, based on the geographic spread of the newly-counted ballots.


Bill O’ better start quaffing a bunch of blood thinners.

Happy daze.


  1. this race has given more heartburn than any other. i don’t live in minnesota, never been there, in fact. maybe it’s from watching him on snl or other shows or from listening to him on the radio, but this race felt personal. not sure what it is, but from the moment i heard he might run, this was the race i was most focused on. to think that billO and limpdick will have to increase their blood pressure meds fills me with delight! 😀 may they both have the worst 6 years of their lives!

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