Joe The Reporter (Update 1)

joethedumberJoe the Dumber Plumber, flushed with excitement over his reprieve from obscurity, formulates a response to the question, “Why the fuck are you HERE?”  (Click)

Just when you thought that the 2008 national election had exhausted itself of farce, Joe the Magic Plumber re-emerged today, announcing that he has become— just like that!— a combat reporter, hired by right-wing leaning blog site Pajamas Medium to cover the current Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Given that the Israeli military has prevented the international press corps from covering the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza; and despite a ruling from Israel’s Supreme Court ruling to the contrary (what exactly is the government trying to hide?), the heart positively races at the image of Joe charging the wire to report the TRUE story of what is going on there.

From a wingnut perspective, of course…


For those who are concerned about Joe’s safety while in Israel, never fear. As the UK’s Times Online reports it:

Clearly a man for whom the phrase ‘objective reporting’ has no relevance, he told Toledo television station WNWO-TV:

“It’s tragic but what are the Israeli people supposed to do?  “I get to go over there and let their “Average Joes” share their story, what they think, how they feel, especially with world opinion, maybe get a real story out there,” he said.

“If given the opportunity to do some good however minute it may be, or could be something really good, you gotta take that chance. You have to do it,” he added, heroically.

Is he scared that one of the Hamas rockets might have his name on it?  Not really.  After all, as he explained, he’s a Christian so God will keep him safe.

“Being a Christian, I’m pretty well protected by God, I believe,” he said.

I’m sure that will go down with the Muslims over there.


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