Teh Dishwasher Cometh (Update)

teh dishwasher
These cabinets weren’t built out of plywood; the end of the cabinet I’ve unceremoniously eviscerated was made out of solid wood boards glued together. They just don’t make’m like that anymore.
No time for blogging today! as our good friend Doctor Zaius says, because we’re making a hole for a dishwasher in the bunkhouse.

Our little bungalow used to be the bunkhouse for a few farmhands.  They were probably grateful for the old Norge refrigerator and the gas stove, along with the flush toilet.  But as much as we love the warm-water therapy of scrubbing egg off the china, we already are planning the ways we’ll spend that salvaged almost-daily hour of dishwashing labor.

Really?  More time blogging??



dishwasher 2
The dishwasher is finally in. Man is slowly mastering his machines.

I’m no carpenter;  so the fact this thing looks like it belongs in there is remarkable.  It is by far the quietest dishwasher we’ve ever had.  Another plus:  we’ll use far less water than when we washed everything by hand.  Yep, we’re happy campers; no more standing at the sink!


  1. good job, terry! i need to redo my entire kitchen, and you’re hired!

    the place i owned before this one didn’t have a dishwasher, but this place does. i use it about twice a year or less. i keep dishes and pots and pans in it, because there is not enough cabinet space or counter space for them. i am coveting your ample counter space. size really does matter. 🙂

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