The Year The Constitution Almost Died


Glenzilla reminds me today why I am not a member of the Democratic Party in his lookback at 2008 and Congress’ execrable record on civil liberties (including then Senator Obama‘s flip flop vote to support telecom immunity after pledging to oppose it).

In his post titled “Another brutal year for liberty”, Glenn documents the assaults on the Constitution that the supine Dems have helped the Bush Administration perpetrate. Who’d a thunk that the heavily conservative federal courts would do a better job upholding Constitutional liberties than the likes of Senator Carl Levin?

Glenn ends on a hopeful note that at least the issues are now clearly in view, and that Obama has the opportunity to set things right. Let’s hope that he has the will.

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If men would maintain their freedom, they must, after having chosen their charter of liberty, provide for its wise, intelligent, and fearless interpretation to the end that there may be prevented: 1. Usurpation of unwarranted power by either the executive or legislative branches…
-The Urantia Book


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Yo nonnie:

    Couldn’t agree more with you up to the point of the WSJ article. Will need more time to digest its implications. Though I’m beginning to think that Marx might have been on to something when he said that capitalism provides its own gravediggers.

    1. I want a taste of what Igor has been drinking. But I wonder how long it would take Canada to get Colorado’s health care system on line. . . their pharmaceuticals are reasonably priced, and their altitude on cannabis is considerably higher than America’s, including Obama’s. They always joked that we were just their colonies anyway. But China in Caulifawnia? The Governator would never… would probably never… go for it… unless they… let him be pressident…

  2. happy new year, propagandee! 😀
    my hope is that the dems will grow spines this year now that they are out of excuses. they will no longer be able to point to a rethuglican white house, throw up their hands, and say that they had no choice. of course, the rethugs in congress can filibuster, but they are vulnerable to public opinion. the rethugs have failed miserably. if the dems fail as well, then maybe the people will finally throw all of them out and start from scratch. then again, it might not matter, since the u.s. is only going to be around until 2010! 🙂

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