Bobby teh Beggar

bobbyjindalLouisiana Governor Piyash Jindal begging for understanding in the Republican’t Marketplace of Ideas. (Original message)

BATON ROUGE — The Republican party opened up another front on the War on Reality today with a bold assault on sanity by refusing an estimated hundred million dollars of United States government funds for the unemployed poor of Louisiana.  Governor Piyash Insane Jindal, who named himself “Bobby” at age four after a premature exposure to Bobby Brady of the Brady Bunch teevee show, refused the stimulus funds on the grounds that it might result in higher taxes for some Louisiana businesses in the future.

Jindal is the most courageous Republican governor yet to redefine hypocrisy by taking the party message against socialism and shove it in the faces of an estimated 25,000 unemployed Louisianans  who would have had about twenty more weeks worth of unemployment benefits before falling into the abyss.

Louisiana, one of the states that perennially spends more taxpayer munnies that it contributes to the U.S. treasury, and thus is known as one of the “welfare” states,  has been urged by conservatives to finally do the honorable thing and eschew all the nasty little socialist tendrils of the American Government and reject all federal revenues.  That should teach the idealogically-challenged poor of Louisiana to get out while the gettin’ is good— for Republicans.


  1. while dcAp is correct, it is also correct that the governors can tell the heads of state agencies not to spend the money. if dems are smart, they will call jindal and the others on their hypocrisy if they allow the money to be spent. they can’t claim that it was out of their hands.

  2. here is how Jindal gets around his “principles” – a little provision in the stimulus bill –

    If funds provided to any state in any division of this act are not accepted for use by the governor, then acceptance by the state legislature, by means of the adoption of a concurrent resolution, shall be sufficient to provide funding to such state.

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