Meghan Like, McModerate

McMegan Meghan "Not My Body" McMain
“I don’t know much about the economy, except my little Wingnut friends don’t need a second stimulus package. But for a good time, click me— not Ann Coultergeist.”

O’HURLAHEE’S PUB Surrounded by Eric Cartman-like WingNut ugly dolls drinking green beer is not Michael Steele‘s idea of reaching out to moderates.  It’s Meghan McCain‘s. “I know I’ve like, become controversial and my statements are like, controversial, but I wouldn’t be on this bar, like, in my panties, if I didn’t think it was like, important.  Period.”

A slightly slurred but rousing cheer goes up from an assortment of young Republicans, which ranges from the moderate right to full bore blow-shit-up WingNut.  If raging wingtard hormones could vote, Meghan McCain could have her father’s Senate seat in a heartbeat.  But.

“I’m not running for office” and “will never run for office.”  Hyeah.  Neither was weather gurrrl Sarah Palin until she got a taste of that yummy Wasilly City Council tax revenue just the way she liked it…  But I digress.

McMeghan thinks that Coulter is one of the ugly faces of the struggling-to-find-a-reason-to-live-party, or, the STFARTL Party, and is humiliating pushing away the few sane members the party has left:

… But here’s what I don’t get about Coulter:  Is she fur real or not? …does she like, actually believe the things she says??  Does she really believe all Jewish people should be “perfected” and become like, Christians?  If you truly have the GOP’s best interests at heart, how can you possibly justify telling an audience of millions that a Democrat would be a better leader than the Republican presidential candidate?

Yeah.  “Perfect” that, beoch.

Opening up the Perfected Jews Can-o-Whup-Ass probably makes daddy’s prostate prostrate, but like:  If you can’t stand teh crazy, get out of the asylum.

Somehow, two blond Republican Barbies clawing at each other’s eye sockets probably wont enamour a lot of moderates who can dress themselves to come running to the party tent with their wallets out.  But it might prove to be a lot more entertaining than The BLOVIATOR pile-driving Michael Steele, or anyone everyone else—  into his huge golden microphone and onto the airwave miasma.

Stay tuned;  they’re not even in the ring yet.


  1. Aloha Aidan, Welcome to USojo.
    Yeah, we did her a solid; I don’t think she was very grateful, either. But the embarrassment of having your head p-shopped on a “half-naked body” is nothing compared to the many Paul Begala-pwned moments to come for that girl.

  2. little meggie wishes she looked so good. she’s got a beautiful face, but she didn’t exactly inherit her mother’s drug-induced anorexic small frame.

    while what she said about coultergeist was fine by me (you can tell i’m one of those imperfect jews, as we always say things like fine by me), but the rest really was a crock of bullshit. she’s a little rich girl who never had to work a day in her life. her every need was handed to her on a silver platter. mommy bought her a nice big condo, and she will never have to worry where her next meal is coming from (i suggest jenny craig or nutrisystem). she has no idea what her party believes in. she became a rethug, because she had to for daddy’s sake (maybe mommy threatened to take away the titanium amex card). i was surprised to see rachel maddow waste that much time with her.

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