The Party Of No Clue

The seemingly always inebriated, chain smoking and perennially tanned Rethuglican House Leader John Boehner (German pronunciation “Boner”) insisted this week on releasing a 19 page, numbers free budget, a supposed alternative to the Democrats’ plan.

Reeling from charges that the Rethugs are “the party of no” – no ideas, no ethics, no clue– and despite pleas from less insane party members like Eric Cantor to wait until they could at least present a budget that would pass the laugh test, The Boner RUSHed right in.

The subsequent reaction, even amongst the usually sympathetic corporatist media, must have left him feeling like a vegetarian castaway groggily waking up on an island full of hungry cannibals.

Pass the salt.

One Comment

  1. i did a movie poster on this subject, and i referenced the dnc ad, but i hadn’t seen it. how funny! boohoo boehner is a laughingstock (as is mike pence, eric cantor, and a host of other rethugs who couldn’t find their own asses with a flashlight and a map). any joe schmoe (pronounced jay shmay) could look more intelligent while biting his toenails (pronounced tay-nails). 😉

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