Torches And Pitchforks

Four hundred million years of evolution and Congress still doesn’t know how to GROW A SPINE!?!

Stand up to these assholes at AIG and Goldman Sachs and the rest of the banking mafia, or get the hell off the Hill!


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Yo Suze:

    I had real reservations about Obama’s choice of Wall Street insiders Geithner and Summers to head his economic team.
    See here, e.g.

    Summers was on the glass teat Sunday w/ Stephanopolos excusing the AIG bonuses as a simple matter of contracts– nothing we can do, blah blah.

    Geithner structured the whole AIG deal and has to be the Treasury official responsible for sinking Dodd’s compensation amendment, which just might end Dodd’s political career.

    If the Obama presidency fails, he can thank these two.

  2. And, imagine, you’re the first smarty-pants I’ve seen that’s run Colbert’s pitchforkian rage. Too rich for words.

    I was thinking of playing some tune off of it yesterday, but you win! Too bad it’s all a sideshow.

    Nice catch. Congrats!


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