Brain Dead On Arrival

cantorJoker Eric Cantor knows the worries of single urban Republican moms

Various Republican Wags keep insisting they have ideas worthy to be incorporated into the legislation proposed by the Democrats, but when given an opportunity to present them, you get this:

BLITZER: Well, is there a middle ground on health care reform where you, Eric Cantor, you believe you could find that middle ground with the White House?

CANTOR: Well, I do, Wolf, because I think that if we all step back a minute and think about the single working mom who is in a suburb in one of the American cities across this country, and if we think about what she has to worry about when she puts her kids to bed, and what she’s thinking about at night, I bet we’d all come to the realization she’s worried about losing her job because it’s happening all around her. She’s also worried if she loses her job she’s going to lose her health care.

And we’ve got to address that issue. We’ve got to look at the issue of health care through the eyes of the working families in this country, and provide some solutions that will ensure that people in this country will be able to maintain their health care that they do have, and also maintain the ability to choose for themselves, to make sure that their kids can see their pediatricians that they want to see.

And we’ve got to learn to be caring, compassionate Republicans.  We’ve got to learn to step over the homeless;  not on them.

These are the kinds of things I think that all of us can agree on. And if we approach it from that level, I do think that we can produce some results.

Cantor, you fucking moron.
That hypothetical “single working mom” you think is living in some “suburb in one of the American cities across this country” is lucky to have a rented shit hole apartment. She’s not worried about losing her health care if she loses her job, because she’s never had a job worth having; and she’s never had health care. If she does manage to find a job with some sort of half-assed health care plan, it won’t even pay for a bottle of Kaopectate for her untreated stomach ulcer— because it’s a “pre-existing condition.”

But that’s the utter self-serving stupidity of the Conservative Republican ideology, for you.  That hazy notion that a few single moms are white, have a home, have a job, and put their 2.2 kids to bed in a cozy, crime free American suburb.  It’s unimaginable to scroats like Cantor that a single abandoned mom— that’s married, but abandoned— is black. That she tries to live in a public housing tenement with cockroaches and crime;  that she doesn’t worry about losing her non-existent health care, because she endlessly worries about losing her children— to violence, or crime, or preventable disease.

Cantor can’t imagine that she may be ridiculously under-employed in some meaningless bare-subsistence job;  that she has no college education because she didn’t finish high school;  that she has no skills training paid for by the communist socialist government;  that her meager job doesn’t even come close to paying for her sub-standard room and board, let alone something like health care, or saving a fucking dollar a month to dig herself out of the financial hopelessness she— and her kids— face every day of their existence.

No.  These are NOT the kinds of things that “all of us can agree on.”  And NO, we will no longer approach it from that “level.”  And finally, ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NO— we’ve had enough of your idea— Republican ideas— CONSERVATIVE IDEAS— of what “results” are.

You see, I’ve had a look at the “ACTION CENTER” on your website. Where single working mom residents of the 7th Congressional District of Virginia can go and get them some “help” from you— (as you deem necessary, of course)—  by first filling out an online form giving you all their private information. . . (Gee, I hope they haven’t had to give up their internet service…)

Where these single moms can git themselves a flag to be flown over the Capital for just $29.20;  and if they’re cutting back on expenses, they can order the unflown one for a few bucks less.  Where worried working single moms can use your Action Center to contact your office to arrange for tours of the U.S. Capitol, the White House, and many other sights in Washington, DC.  I’m sure the worried, but hard working single moms of the 7th Congressional District of Virginia understand tickets are limited, and will, as you suggest, be placing their requests early, especially during the peak tourist season (March through September), so as not to be left out.

Well, shit. Eric.
You need to be voted out of Congress. You need to be sent to a suburb in one of those American cities across this country you mentioned, and you need to be unemployed, with no prospects, with no health insurance, for a long fucking time.  And you need to be worrying— day and night— how the fuck you’re going to pay for a visit to the doctor’s office— because it’s clear to me you’ve got a chronic case of the Swine Flu.

These are the kinds of things I think that all of us can agree on.  And if we approach it from that level, I do think that morons like you will one day be able to buy a fucking clue.


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