Oh, Liz. . . Is that Water Coming Outa Your Nose, Or are you just happy to be alive?

The CheneysDaughter Darthy (Liz) Cheney gets a glare from daddy Darth as she pushes by him leaving President Obama’s inauguration.

Andrew Sullivan.
Andrew Sullivan?
Andrew Sullivan.

If Liz Cheney were captured by an enemy, thrown into a dark and windowless cell, strung from the ceiling by shackles, kept awake for weeks on end, thrown headlong against a plywood wall thirty times in a row and waterboarded 183 times, would she really emerge from that ordeal and say she wasn’t tortured? I mean:  really?  Let’s get real here:  she’s a fraud defending a monster.

Indeed. Watch her go.  And be sure to catch the miserable look on her face as Norah begins to introduce her.

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  1. I’m beginning to suspect that the traits of obnoxious prevarication and provocative misdirection are genetic dispositions with the Cheney bloodline.
    What a thoroughly unsympathetic dissembler daddy’s girl Liz is – but one should expect no less from the prime recipient of such top shelf paternal nepotism.


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