They’re Here To Fux You Up



They cannot lead.

They will not follow.

They refuse to cooperate.

Fine, assholes.  Let’s take a look at your bullshit charge of socialism.

Robert Scheer.

Let the record show that it was George W. Bush, the rich Texas Republican, who brought socialism to America. …  The government takeover of the banking and automobile industries not only happened on President Bush’s watch, it was also the deregulatory mania of this president’s family, beginning with his father, which took this country into such starkly unfamiliar territory.

You’ve got a choice.  You don’t have to participate in America’s Socialism.

Stop using the people’s airwaves.  They are a tool afforded you by the socialist government you decry.

Stop driving on America’s roads.  They are the result of America’s collective tax dollars, clearly the fruits of socialism.

Stop using the U.S. Postal Service.  They are a subsidized socialist enterprise cooked up by the American people.

In fact, consider getting the fuck OUT.

I mean, socialism has even brain-washed Christians.

Did you know there are even Christian Socialists?

Maybe Rush Limpbot will buy an island somewhere,
and you can all immigrate there, take a loyalty oath,
and form yourselves a little wingnut paradise.

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  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Are there time shares available?

    Texans and Georgians want to know.

    Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 4/27-29. Likely voters. MoE 4% (No trend lines)

    Do you think Texas would be better off as an independent nation or as part of the United States of America?

    US: 61
    Independent nation: 35

    Democrats: US 88, Ind 8
    Republicans: US 52, Ind 43
    Independents: US 61, Ind 33

    Would you approve or disapprove of Georgia leaving the United States?

    Approve: 18
    Disapprove: 76

    Democrats: Approve 5, Disapprove 89
    Republicans: Approve 32, Disapprove 63
    Independents: Approve 14, Disapprove 79

    Those aren’t nearly as bad as the Texas numbers we’ve seen, but they aren’t exactly flattering for the GOP base.

    Apparently, the most conservative of Republicans only love their country when they’re in power. Charming.

    Cool map, btw!

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