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JULY HypocriteNot exactly family safe, but that’s the nature of hypocrisy, now isn’t it.

I stood in the road in front of the mailbox for fifteen minutes before I could recover enough to take the July issue of HYPOCRITE into the house.  But I get their point;  Repuglican hypocrisy has gotten so luridly sick and over the top crazy that it hardly registers as anything rational anymore.

Like hives gone crazy, Liz “Lizard” Cheney has done more than twenty-two appearances in less than a month— and these are just the ones that pissed someone off so much that they alerted Media Matters to start counting. I’ll bet you a fiver she’s scheduled to lie to the Lilliputians and the Blefuscuans before the end of the month.  Why the fuck does the media keep shoving this know-nothing, water-retaining hypocrite down our throats just because she’s willing to be the gargantuan mammaries’ equivalent to her daddy’s enormous lying Scrotum humanum full of unmitigated gall?

How do you prevent convulsions upon being subjected to the high whiney screech of half-baked Alaska governess Sarah Palin?  Forget waterboarding terrorists.  Just force them to hear Sarah Palin speeches for a few hours.  I can only just bear to read about her antics these days, and HYPOCRITE nails her on her latest iteration of ongoing hypocrisy, calling Obama a socialist “wealth spreader” again while she continues to distribute multi-thousand dollar checks to her fellow comrades up there in the better-dead-than-red state, which gets a little more than $506.34 per numbskull from our federal tax coffers more than they pay in taxes.. the highest in the nation.  So who’s the bigger frakkin’ “socialist,” beoch?

Who T. F. is Peter “Dick” Hoekstra?  Just another garden variety hypocrite that has grown up under our feet when we were busy being socialistic. Seems someone has been teaching the Repugs about the Twitter, and Petey got on the Twitter thingy and disclosed the details of a classified trip to… well, the frakkin’ twitterverse.  This is the same hypo-tard who ranted in an editorial in 2006:
We are a nation at war. Unauthorized disclosures of classified information only help terrorists and our enemies — and put American lives at risk.”

Okay.  I’m getting that six cans ‘o Bud-room spinning queasy thing from all the hyper-hypocrisy.  I’m gonna go hide in my sugar castle now.


  1. Michael,

    You are so over the top today I just had to link you on my site along with BadTux’s masterful dissection of the tighty righties’ view of the economic wrongness of Medicare-style healthcare for all.

    Ain’t blogtopia great?


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