This Week In Teh Crazy

When Michelle Bachmann is even too much for Glenn Beck

The leaderless Rethuglican Party has no shortage of members eager to grab headlines with ever more outrageous claims and demonizations of the Democrats and President Obama.

And I am not referring here to the kind of vitriol vomited out daily by the demented talking heads of professional right wing media. We’re all too familiar with them. At the very least one can attribute their motives to annual paychecks in the millions of dollars, whatever their personal beliefs might be.

Of greater interest, at least from the perspective of social psychology, is what we are hearing from The True Believers. Two examples from this week are worth noting.

The first is provided by that ever  quotable representative from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann. A guest on the Glenn Beck tv show, she doubled down on her prior claim that the Obama administration has a secret plan to incarcerate political dissidents, just like the US did to the Japanese during Word War Two.

Exhibit one was the new census form, which she waved in front of the camera like a bloody shirt. So over the top was she that even Beck got tired of rolling his eyeballs and hastily went to commercial.

Next, we find that great champion of lower taxes for billionaires everywhere, Samuel “The Unlicensed Plumber” Joe Wurzelbacher. Last Thursday in Wisconsin, he addressed a standing room only crowd of 75 at Wausau’s The Plaza Hotel Suites, at an event sponsored by the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity (an “organizer” of the great American teabagger demonstrations). Joe, while denying that he had ever really quit the Republican Party, put the Dems on notice for trying to turn America into a socialist country. Singling out Senator Chris Dodd, he asked repeatedly:

Why hasn’t he been strung up?

And Joe wasn’t alone in his crusade to rid America of people not like him. At that same event, The Wausau Daily Herald reported that:

Christopher Magiera of Wausau, a board member of Americans for Prosperity and a local political activist, said he saw a “Stalinization of America” taking place and that “the only thing that separates Stalinist Russia from what we have in Washington right now are the re-education and death camps.”

Meanwhile, in the latest edition of  I’m A Republican presidential candidate…Get me out of here!, two leading presidential contenders got kicked out of the jungle. Last week, Nevada Senator John Ensign had to resign his powerful post as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee because of an extra-marital affair.

And this week, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had to resign his powerful post as head of the Republican Governors Association because of, well, an extra-marital affair. Not only did he bill a prior trip to see his hottie to the taxpayers of SC, but he likely was responsible for wasting more of their money by disabling the GPS tracker on his state supplied security vehicle that he left at the airport. I imagine that they worked overtime trying to locate his ass.

Oh, and it was announced this week that former vice president, The Dick Man Cheney, has signed with Simon and Schuster to publish his memoirs.

Inside Perdition got a hold of a chapter outline, one of which is reportedly titled: Destroying A Major Political Party– How I Learned to Embrace My Inner Whig.

Stay tuned.


  1. You are toooooo muuuuuch, Michael!

    I’m still chucking at this one. You should have your own show (on CNET or something like that).


    Inside Perdition got a hold of a chapter outline, one of which is reportedly titled: Destroying A Major Political Party– How I Learned to Embrace My Inner Whig.

  2. i will say these insane republicans can be entertaining – who’d a thunk a dullard automaton like Mark Sanford would find a wise Latina woman as his concubine. too bad their entertaining of america might prove to be its downfall

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