Sean’s Latest Buttload

Sean Diper DiverLittle baby poop-monger Sean digs for more poo-poo in his diaper pale.

Normally, it’s prudent to ignore Sean Hannity, an infantile little shit-tick who can look you in the eye and lie, unblinking.  But not today. This human shit bucket’s stock-in-trade is the intentional distortion of reality to fit his perverse and twisted notion of what it means to be an “American.”

Full disclosure:  I never watch Fux Noise, just as I would never take a bath in the belly of a maggot-infested rotting animal.  So the only information I get about their extensive lineup of assholes comes from websites that monitor their ongoing perversities, like Media Matters.  Recently, human shit-tick hannity pushed his insistence that President Obama had snuck a look at a young woman’s “backside” as she walked past.  A still photo that has caused jaded little imps everywhere to twitch with juvenile concupiscence, caused hannity to indulge his personal sexual perversity— attempting to smear the president with juvenile sexual innuendo— he even assembled what he calls— with a straight face— a “Great American panel” to verify his awkward stupidity.

Nothing in his “story” is remotely newsworthy.  The MSM picked up this crap from Reuters, and the sucking began.  It is only worth noting the extremes a human shitbag like hannity will go to in an attempt to smear our president with the feces hannity himself  lives on.  Still, you may wonder what kind of “news” program would bend the scope of reason, ignore the facts, and still attempt to cast the president as a foolish, pruriently obsessed juvenile who shows a lack of basic public decorum by sneaking a look at a woman while numerous cameras record the event.

Sean Shit EaterHuman shitbag Sean Hannity

Shit-tick Hannity is far too ignorant to understand the rudiments of karma, and we await his inevitable explosion into a brownish, stinky haze.  It’s not even an event others should look forward to;  it’s just another shitty mess someone else will have to clean up, the inevitable consequence of the ridiculous effort of the ignorant to appear wise;  another ugly lesson in humanity’s long evolutionary struggle towards social intelligence.


  1. Michael,

    Thanks for the thoughts, but I’m sensing so many disturbances in the force that it’s getting hard to tell the fake ones from the real.

    I wish we could tell Madoff’s true story. Don’t you?


  2. Avatar Michael Hart

    Ha! Three of my favorite women above…
    nonniekin, little david v. still loves the feel of a bm in his shorts, diapered or not.

    Suze… did you feel a disturbance in the force when they brought Madoff to Butner, NC to play prison?

    Hey Sherry, tell the contrarian to stop watching that shithead! He just makes yur hubby think evil thoughts, see?

    Thank you all three, hard working bloggers that you are, for taking a moment here…

  3. yeah, I saw this photo, and the full video which makes it utterly clear he never looked at the tush at all. Hannity is so desperate these days that he is now taking things and snipping away the stuff that is counter to what he wants it to mean and then shoving it out there like truth. It’s so far beyond disgusting that we must conclude that the Fox Noise is vomiting all day long as the country rolls merrily along without their sage help. Hubby wants to twist off his damn little finger that he likes to wag in people’s faces. I think his weenie is so tiny one would need a microscope to see it. What a waste of space on the planet.

  4. Would that it were so, dear.

    Would that it were so.

    Now – who is this tick?

    we await his inevitable explosion into a brownish, stinky haze.


    Have never “watched” (or listened to) Faux Snooze.

    I guess I don’t have the aesthetic ability (sigh).

    Good to know someone is on the lookout.

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