The Empire Strikes Back

The Medical Mafia‘s first salvo in the present health care reform war came in the form of an ad run by CRC Public Relations, the group that ran the Swift Boat ads, for a group that calls itself Conservatives for Patients’ Rights. CPR is led by Medicare fruadster Rick Scott, the founder of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain, who got nailed with 14 felony convictions and $1.7 billion in criminal and civil fines.

Reeling from the defection of the legendary Harry and Louise, featured in the ad below backing President Obama’s call for reform, another industry group, America Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), is putting up big bucks to sanitize the image of its members as greedy blood suckers who routinely deny coverage to people with existing conditions and welch on paying medical bills their customers had every belief they were covered for, in the despicable practice called “recision.”

President Obama’s push for a bill by August seems to be faltering, thanks in large part to the Dem “Blue Dogs” freaked out by incomplete cost estimates being churned out by the CBO. This would provide even more opportunity for ads like those from AHIP and CRP, and for the winger media to ratchet up their “the “socialists are coming! the socialists are coming!” fear campaign.

Hopefully, some of them aren’t hip to The Onion and will incorporate their new “study” into their rantings.

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