“There Is Absolutely No Plan”


Citizen Sarah Palin emerged from the governorship of Alaska with a brand new configuration for the future of the Goppers.  Dozens of frightened children and several adults ran screaming into the woods.

FAIRBANKS— Ex-governor and potential leader of the free world, Sarah Palin made it clear: “I cannot express enough there is no plan after July 26. There is absolutely no plan.”

Who the hell is shocked by that??  Why does anyone who can balance a checkbook with no money in the account expect this woman to have a plan?  A plan for herself; or for the United States?

Look. There will never be “a plan” from this middle class beauty queen-turned political opportunist-turned quiter.  But.  No matter.  If Sarah Palin’s head sat on that “Exterminate! Exterminate!! evil dalek-thing from Doctor Who, Repuglican white males would still froth at the mouth every time the head winked.  They do not care that the head is empty;  they do not care that those nipples spew stupidity;  the head is still cute.

And when 2011 is logged into the history books, the head will still be empty, the nipples will still be spewing stupidity, and Repuglican white males will still be fantasizing about Sarah Palin dressed as the Commander in Chief.  Will the days of dim-witted political opportunists be behind us?
Fuck no.  As long as we do nothing to prevent millions of poorly educated Americans to be spoon-fed feces by Fux Noise 24-7, and continually brainwashed on America’s airwaves to live in fear and hate by The Bloviator, this nation is in jeopardy.


  1. to be more precise, saitia, she’s a middle class beauty queen-turned quitter (colleges)-turned political opportunist-turned quitter (alaska energy board)-turned political opportunist-turned quitter. she’s a serial quitter.

  2. Hi Sherry,
    As much as we enjoy pussyfooting, (wow that sounds dirty) we think it’s time to make such frank statements, even at the risk of offending teh stoopid. Some bloggers are weeping because they think Sarah Barracuda is leaving; my aren’t they teh stupid, too. She’s a pox on our house, and you know what kind of health care we have.

  3. I cannot express enough that you guys over here need to stop pussyfootin’ around and speak plainly! Hrrrrmph…

    That said, There is never any plan when Sarah “the Quitter” Palin opens her mouth. Much to our delight. I hope the Rethugs continue to waste time on Ms. Moosekiller.

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