STFUCan you imagine a world without Fux Noise? I knew that you could.

Attention FOX News Advertiser,

I am writing to inform you that I will not purchase your products as long as you advertise on FOX News.

FOX News does not broadcast news, it broadcasts Republican propaganda— lies, hatred, and incitement to violence— including violence against American citizens, Democratic leaders, and President Obama.

Certainly you know the worst offenders are Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, whose propaganda sessions are broadcast in prime time to large audiences.  Your advertising dollars help FOX News poison the minds of Americans, and our democracy.
Enough is enough! STOP ALL advertising on FOX News.  All your products and services will become the target of consumer boycotts and public ridicule if your advertising dollars continue to support the seditious and treasonous propaganda tool of the disgraced and failed republican Party.

BecklownSelf-described recovering alcoholic and addict,
Loony Glenn (Someone Shoot Me, Dammit!) Beck

Cancellations (Just Beck’s hour of crap)confirmed

Farmers Insurance
Kraft Foods

Mens Wearhouse
Proctor & Gamble
Progressive Insurance
S.C. Johnson
State Farm
Sargento Cheese
(Just today-8-24)
Airware Inc.

Our targets (8/17/09)
Ally Bank (GMAC)
Best Buy
Brez (Airware)
Broadview Security 1-800-PetMeds
ADT Security
Binder & Binder & Bosley
Campbell’s Soup
Cinergy Health
HSBC Life Insurance
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Law Group
HealthMart Pharmacies
Healthy Choice (Conagra)
Lear Capital
Liberty Medical

Pearle Vision
Radio Shack
Quicken Loans
Repower America
Rosland Capital
U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
The Scooter Store
Verizon Wireless

More Targets
60 Plus (703) 807-2070
AARP (888) 687-2277
ADT Security (561) 988-3619
Apple (408) 974-2042
Brita Filter (800) 24-BRITA
Ditech (800) 234-0884 (877) 367-3946
Glaxo Smith Kline (888) 825-5249
Golden Corral (919) 781-9310
HSBC Life Insurance (212) 525-3800
Lunesta Sepracor (508) 481-6700
Lysol (800) 333-3899
Mercedes-Benz (800) 367-6372
Metastock Equis (877) 386-3763
Nexium AstraZeneca Pharma (800) 456-3669
Pacificare United Healthcare (714) 226-3530
Pep Boys (215) 430-9095
Rapid Bath Jarden Corporation (877) 786-4358
Red Lobster (407) 245-4391
Scottrade (800) 619-7283
Super 8 Motels Wyndham Worldwide (973) 753-8142
Superior Gold Group (818) 264-0133
The Wall Street Journal Online (212) 416-2000
United Healthcare (860) 702-5795
UPS (800) 742-5877
USPS* (888) 367-8777 (USP Store dropped all advertising on Fox today!)

to get up to speed with the boycott, and ways you can help to SHUT THE FOX UP.


  1. Avatar mary b

    OMG. Look at what I found over at the

    plastered on your…posterior. As you walk, her eyes will alternately wink when the folds of the jeans… oh, never mind. You can read HERE for all the details.

    Just a note of warning. If you do decide to part with the cash and pick yourself up a pair of these, do not be surprised if you acquire a following of little waddling over-50 conservative men who trail behind you like ducklings. So, if you’re into that, this may work for you.

    The picture didn’t show up here. I don’t know how to copy it. Go on over and take a look. You’ll be spittin out your coffee, guaranteed!

  2. Avatar mary b

    Since we, the taxpayers own a large portion of GM, can’t we demand that we drop our advertising dollars from all of Fux News? Don’t we have a say?

    The other thing. I have never watched Glen Beck or any others on Fux News, so I didn’t know Beck was an alcoholic/addict. That explains a lot of his behaviour. He may have stopped using but he obviously has deep issues. He’s a dry drunk! Just like Bush and so many other dry drunks, they must have felt emasculated for a long time so they try to pick up the mantle of power.
    Just another reason why we need a strong public option. How old is this guy? Say, maybe in his 40’s? If so, it’ll take him many, many years to become sane again.
    There you go again, another rethug voting against their own self intrest. Nut job Beck needs to be inpatient for at least a year.
    Great pic by the way.

  3. Avatar BlueNose

    From Color of Change press release today:
    new companies distancing themselves from Beck include Airware Inc. (makers of Brez anti-snoring aids),, AT&T, Blaine Labs Inc., Campbell Soup Company, Clorox, Ditech, The Elations Company, Experian (creator of, Farmers Insurance Group, Johnson & Johnson (makers of Tylenol), Lowe’s, NutriSystem, Sprint, The UPS Store and Verizon Wireless. They join twenty other companies who previously pledged not to run additional ads on Glenn Beck.
    See it all here:

  4. Now if only we can get AAFEs to stop carrying Fox News! That would be another big victory. They are pumping trash onto military televisions and radios all the time and have been for years. Kinda hard to have Sexual Harassment training stick in the 90s with Limbaugh going on and on about FemiNazis

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