Think You Have Problems?

Recent polling shows more Americans are buying into the health care myths being propagated by right wing radio, the insurance giants, and people like originalmetalchik, who recently started making her own videos. Standard disclosure warning: You will never get this time back, and it would be a better use of it to, oh, say, sweep the kitchen floor, or nod off watching a Preparation H infomercial on the teevee…


I refuse to watch it a second time to pull quotes out; hopefully you won’t either. But realize that crazy has a normal face;  that your wingnut neighbor may seem relatively functional, but their reality is becoming increasingly dysfunctional and insane, spurred on by agitators like Limbaugh, Hannity, Fux Noize and all the rest. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly likely that a perfect crazy-storm is brewing, and it’s armed and dangerous.


This second example, recorded just a few days later, if you can believe it, is exponentially crazier than the one above.  If this deterioration of reality is typical, INSANE-ageddon is coming;  it is only part of the cost of allowing certifiable morons to broadcast crazy-shit 24-7 on our nation’s airwaves under the auspices of “liberty.”


But. Don’t let this bum you out.  Never forget:  All things work together for good for those who are spirit led.  Make sure you’re one of those men and women.


  1. Yep, Normal has a Crazy Face. Went to that Church for years. I got better. That we have to make laws that prohibit people from beating their spouses and dependents, that prohibit people from ripping off the elderly with dementia, or not putting poison in children’s toys or in our foods–well that pretty much covers the tip of that dirty iceberg.

    Crazy has a normal face, but in the end, it looks a lot like money.

  2. Avatar mary b

    Well, if any of you want to translate the basic gist of it, I’d appreciate it. I have very little hearing and shitty speakers on my computer so I won’t even try to watch it.

    On a lighter note, this is great. The Progressive Book Club is selling a button that says “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” (I hope I got it close). However the great Barney Frank phrased it. You can purchase it for as little as $5.00 and up. They use their money to combat idiocracy. And they sell good books, too.

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