Vet Death Manual

Rethug Propaganda Minister Michael Steele on the Chapiquidic News Network warning about a death manual for veterans (originally prepared by the Bush Administration):

If you want an example of bad public policy, just look at the situation with our veterans, when you have a manual out there telling our veterans, you know, stuff like “are you really of value to your community?”, you know, encouraging them to commit suicide, I mean this is crazy coming from the government, and this is exactly what concerns people and puts them in fear of what the government control of health care will look like.

The thing about propaganda is once it passes from the low boil preparation stage to full bore activation it becomes like pornography: it requires ever increasing amounts of stimulation of teh crazy just to keep its intended audience frothing.

Welcome to Urantia, the universe’s most watched reality freak show.

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  1. Man this pisses me off for a variety of reasons. I am a Vet. And yep the Veterans Affairs Administration is run a lot like a Turkish Jail. But you know what, Bush and his ass lickers had 8 years to fix that. In fact this has been an ongoing issue that no Politician has adequately addressed or tried to fix. They keep throwing money at an ailing system and then act surprised when shit like Walter Reed VA Scandal Keeps Popping up. And these self same shitheads, go on and on about how terrible our health care will be, basically describing the VA system to a tee! Rationing? We got that. I personally know people who DID have a heart attack and had to wait 6 months to see a Primary Care Doc, before they could even see a Cardiologist. Special Treatment? Congressmen use some of the same facilities, but let me tell you their quality of care is not par for the course. Its way Above that. I know people who waited 27 years {yes Years} to get their compensation claims ruled on for PTSD while their health deteriorated, and at times lived without electric or running water. I know of others who died before their claims were ruled on. And this is good enough for vets, but it ain’t good enough for the American People, especially to hear Republicons say it.

    That’s what is fucked up right there. They do nothing to fix this, while they rant incoherently about how our attempt at health care reform will end up just like this. And then they walk away, leaving “America’s Heroes” in that system, fighting for every bit of extra cash they can get to try and live at the poverty line, disabled, disoriented, and disgusted. And then these Fat Dink Republican Pricks will go home and put a yellow magnetic sticker on their car that says “Support The Troops.” Yea Whatever cocksuckers, I aint no Senator’s Son, that’s for sure.

    Where were they when these “Death Manuals” were first published? I didn’t see any Republicons out there defending Vets then? Where were they when the GI bill was gutted and Veterans could no longer afford to go to much more than Community colleges or maybe trade schools as opposed to WWII Vets who were able to attend some of our finest Colleges like Harvard?
    Where were they when Colleges stopped accepting significant credits for military training, often putting a limit on it like 15 hours even though many of us are highly skilled and trained in Math, Electronics, Programming, and maintenance? Colleges rip us off but I don’t see the Republicons fixing that.

    Where were they when the Rape Stats shot up into the Double Digits while the VA refused to help their growing Female Population deal with the trauma of the Ultimate Betrayal of sexual violence against women by other American Service Members?

    Where were the Republicons? And now they dare use this to try and scare the general public?

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