Baby, We’re Back


I’ve been visiting my cousin, Fullbright.

Sorry we’re late, but f*cking off takes time.  Thursday afternoon, our ISP locked down our site because of excess cpu usage, enough to destabilize the feeble server our data lives on. Uh, no, it wasn’t thousands of excited new visitors sucking up the bandwidth on our shared server, it was a renegade plugin.

Everybody wuz locked out, including us.  If you came by during that time, you might have seen a request for a password and user name. Papers!  We must zee your Papers!  Well, no more.  Things seem to be working again (crossing fingers, eyes, and toes) after some serious mud wrestling with some ugly little plugins.  We’re slowly turning them back on, hoping the ornery one is dead and gone.

You know, sometimes when it’s late, and the bits and bytes get all blurry, you wonder how any of this shit  works as often and as well as it does.  We’re trying to keep it simple here, but still want it to be a beautiful and edifying place to wallow in some political satire and bath in the light of the divine advantage.

Baby, it’s nice to be back.


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