The Blind Leads the Blind

Big Baby BeckSissy-baby Beck delivers a huge steamy pile of propaganda for the 9-12 sheep.

Great Big Baby and colossal shithead Glen Beck has become the de facto poster-tard of the — well— whatever-the-fuck you want to call them, out there on the fringes of sentient reality.  And he’s now serving up shit that only his sheeple can appreciate;  what the rest of us should recognize as classic sociological propaganda. The 9-12 Fool Festival was a very real attempt to impose this festering plate full of fecal goojoo on the rest of us.

There are reasons their spokes-tards keep insisting that some two million such creatures managed to use our nation’s socialist infrastructure to assemble in Washington D.C., so they could, you know, chant “NO PUBLIC OPTION!  NO PUBLIC OPTION!”—which is the reality-based equivalent of, “PLEASE CUT MY HEAD OFF!  PLEASE CUT MY HEAD OFF!”

Don’t be puzzled that the Fringe’tard would boldly and repeatedly lie about how many of them showed up, or even that they left not a single scrap of trash behind.  Remember, it’s little white lies that such people specialize in.

Amanda at Pandagon:

The people lying about 2 million Tea Baggers are the same people that lied about death panels, killing old people, concentration camps, socialist takeovers, free health care for illegals, fake birth certificates and ultimately gave us 8 Great years of George W. Bush. They are the very same people. None of us should be terribly surprised that exposing their lies only makes them lie more.

And there’s a reason they “lie more.”  For as soon as a system of propaganda is organized around false claims, all good faith must per force disappear;  the lie has revealed itself to the liar.

Jacques Ellul:

One cannot make propaganda in pretended good faith. Propaganda reveals our hoaxes even as it encloses and hardens us into this system of hoaxes from which we can no longer escape.

Lying to others almost instantly becomes lying to yourself;  and when one loses the ability to see the line between the two, there’s very little chance the lying can ever stop.  Once the path of error is chosen, one’s own mind tends to justify continuing down the path.  And having started out wrong, it requires a great and noble character to turn around and go right.

Glen Beck:  “great and noble character”?

Recently, Beck said President Barack Obama has repeatedly shown “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture” and, “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people. I’m saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.”

After more than sixty-two sponsors have insisted their ads not be aired during Beck’s scheduled rants, his unapologetic response for his remark was that the President is  “…not above criticism.”

Neither is Glenn Beck.  And such sophistic squirming to avoid confronting the fact his charge of racism was much more akin to sedition than mere “criticism” is much more typical of a coward; not a man possessing a “great and noble character.”

So, Big Baby:  keep slingin’ that shit;  keep lying your flabby white ass off.  The bed of vipers you’re making will be more than suitable for a weak and malignant character like you, to lie in. And when the truly great and noble Lord worshiped by the church of Latter-day Saints you profess to follow, chooses to judge you and your lies, be sure to tell him:  “But, but… didn’t I prophesy in your name? And and.. by your name do many wonderful works??”


  1. Avatar mary b

    They are so worried about ‘illegals’ getting health care. If a brown skinned person had a heart attack on the sidewalk, do you think they’ll ask him for his green card? Or a white skinned illegal, would they ask that person for their green card?
    I can actually picture these racist bastards doing this.
    I can’t tell you how many times people ask me if I’m Mexican or ‘mixed’ living here in the south. My Mother was Sicilian. I’m not even that dark skinned.
    So I just answered my own question.

  2. Avatar BlueNose

    Bleck is now saying some university he can’t remember the name of has estimated the Fool Festival at 1.7 MILLION; forget the “official estimate of 70,000, because the fire dept. and city officials obviously hate the tea buggers and the 9-12ers.

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