GOPPER: tokenblack3Play GOP FACES at the new; addictive fun for everyone.

The new GOPPER dot com has an addictive refresh feature that throws up (no pun intended) a new “Republican” face every time you refresh the page.  I got a black face on the first refresh, and got six blacks out of the first ten pics, which is cool, because we all know the new Republican Party is 60% black… Aw ite! Aw ite! Ima be GOP:  “What is up, my main dog?”

GOPHeroeThey have a Republican “HEROES” category, too.   And surprise, most of them are— black!  This be Joseph Rainey, the 2nd black Rep in Congress, a Republican of the Lincoln era of classical liberalism and progressivism. He spent his days gettin’ smacked down trying to protect the civil rights of blacks during Reconstruction.

GOPPER: FrederickDouglasYou can roll a Frederick Douglas too, but your fingers will bleed before you get Abraham Lincoln.

But the fun starts after twenty clicks or so. That’s when some real rare Repuglican black heroes appear…

GOPPER: WilleyHortonLike the infamous Willey Horton, who saved George Herbert Walker Bush’s ass.

After a dozen or so clicks of ordinary white “Republican” chicas…

AwesomeCute GOPPER:

CallMe GOPPER: Hey— Why isn’t she a Hero?

You might— I say might— get a Bagger…

TBagger GOPPER: I AM proudly closin’ in on mah $9,000 deductible, thanks to Die-abeatis.

But you may never— ever— see the evil Roger…

Roger Gopper

And just when you think maybe they forgot about Republican White Heroes…

GOPPER: SanfordWHAM! They take you hikin’!

GOPPER: PalinBAM! They take you wingin’!

GOPPER: RLimpbotSNAP!  They make you VERP!

GOPper BeckGAG!  They luvs them some Jerk!

But if you get sicka-clickin’, you can always take a moment to thank
“Mr. What Up” his own damned self…


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