Grayson Strikes Again

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) walks into the lyin’s den of CNN’s Situation Room to re-iterate what he said on the House floor yesterday when he revealed the GOPers health care reform plan: “Don’t get sick.” And their fallback plan. “And if you die, die quickly.”

He did subsequently take the floor to apologize, not to the Rethugs, but to the families and friends of the 45,000 Americans who died from lack of health care last year alone.

Finally, a Dem with a pair.


  1. the questions were incredibly stupid. where the hell were they when louie gohmert, jenny brown-waite, virginia foxx, michele batshit bachmann, thaddeus mccotter, and the other rethugs spouted their bullshit on the floor of the house? grayson didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, and they have a hard time dealing with the truth. funny, i thought that was what journalism was supposed to be about.

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