Laura Ingraham: Right Into Teh Crazy Zone

Instead of Rod Serling standing invitingly at the crossroads of reality and the twilight zone, the wingut universe sees instead Yogi Berra and taken his legendary advice: When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Right into teh crazy zone.

Exhibit One: Laura Ingraham’s appearance Sunday on This Week With George Stepanopolus

Too cowardly to make her point directly, notice that Ingraham first uses the old “a lot of people are saying” dodge, smearing the Obama administration as being “more impassioned” about Fux News than “other threats to the United States, whether economic threats or real threats, Islamic jihadists.”

Steph laughs and calls her out on it. (Sitting across the table from her was John Podesta who snarked that Ingraham might have a point “when the drones start flying over Fox News.”)

Ingraham then shifts to first person and proceeds to whine about not seeing Obama “talk about other real threats in the same coordinated and sophisticated way as they’re going after” her selfless and patriotic employer.

Which brings us to the question: Why would ABC even consider conferring legitimacy on this hack by featuring her on its nationally syndicated show? Now, the Obama administration did make news by making the obvious point that Fux is not a real news outlet and will thus treat it accordingly. I mean, what other network helps organize, promote, and give non-stop breathless coverage to anti-Obama teabagger protests…and then has the nerve to complain that the other networks are in the tank for Obama for not covering them?

Is ABC so easily intimidated? I’d like to think that they were being crazy like a ‘fox’ here: Lower Laura a rope from the lighting grid, watch her put it around her neck, stand up on her chair and let her rant like she does in front of her sycophantic Fox audience. Then, as she slips off the chair, bring up the lights and go tight on her kicking, twitching feet. Fade to black as she’s replaced by a commercial for recycled dog food. (A guy can dream can’t he?)

As real opinion journalists like David Schuster have proven, there is life after Fox. The latest to join their ranks is former commentator and media professor, Jane Hall, who was interviewed on Howie Kurtz’s Reliable Sources Sunday on CNN:

I would note that while MSNBC definitely has its spin, Hall is just sucking up to CNN when she “questions” whether it is any better than Fox at producing shows with legitimate debates.

I’m down with MoveOn’s campaign for Dems to stay off Fox. Better to let them stew in their own sewage than give them any semblance of legitimacy.

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