Apocalyptic Clusterphuquers

PalinEatersApocalyptic blowhards Jerry Jenkins and Timmeh LaHaye, co-authors of the hysterically ironic “Left Behind” series,  join Sarah Palin’s fave buttboy, Sean Hannity in the latest conservatard craze, “Palin’ It.” Just lay your hands on, so to speak, a big, steaming pail full of Palin Asspiration, get a serious straw and man,  snort, suck, or swallow that shit down— hook, line, and apocalyptical stinkerly-ness.  Proponents say you will be amazed at how fast you’ll be believing the Apocalypse is right around the corner.


  1. Hey, I can’t wait for Republican Jesus to come back to America so the Christians can call him an unpatriotic pansy pinko fag and try to crucify him again, while he just blasts them with holy smoking thunderbolts and smashes them with his mighty hammer, the mjollnir, and blows them away with his AR-15 semi-auto rifle with direct gas impingement operating mechanism, or am I mixing my mythologies again? I can never keep any of it straight.

    1. I thought “Republican Jesus” was the one that’s here now; isn’t he living in Glenn Beck’s head?
      Yep, the Mjölner was Thor’s hammer, the AR-15 must be Rambo or some other Repug pussy. But if the real Jesus comes back, I have no doubt the fundy Christians will be the first to reject because he tells them that two thirds or more of their dogma is horseshit on a stick.

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