Larry King Gets All Rogue-etty

PrejeanCoverCarrie Prejean has dictated a book to a writer who shall remain nameless.
(Apologies to Rene Magritte)

Like my friend Propagandee, I avoid Larry King like H1N1.  Prop says, “the man seems incapable of asking, let alone pressing, a follow-up question to guests who cling to their talking points like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.”

But as the first clip below proves, sometimes weirdness finds a way to penetrate King’s “infotainment containment system.”  The issue was Carrie Prejean’s sudden settlement of a lawsuit; the weirdness was how, with all her fancy pageant question-answerin’ trainin’, she was unable to draw on anything resembling tact, tolerance, or, you know, social coherency not associated with a Stepford clone:


Hbbl-hbbl-hbbl..  That crazy bastard King just couldn’t let it go; he kept insisting that what went on confidentially at some meeting was somehow different than Ms Prejean’s waking consciousness.  He clearly forgot that once you’ve been “brutally attacked” by questions you don’t want to answer, all questions you don’t want to answer are “inappropriate.”

Can’t someone just come on the teevee and while sitting down, wave their book, “Still Standing,” without having to answer the prodding, lust-filled, relentlessly brutal questions of an interviewer?? That’s really inappropriate, Larry.  And for anyone to draw a link between Carrie’s friendship with political quitter Sarah Palin and Carrie’s inability to finish a teevee interview, well that’s really inappropriate too, Larry.

So the following segment of Keith Olbermann is also inappropriate, but it will put public hypocrisy in perspective for you none-the-less:



  1. i want to know who she was talking to. there was nobody sitting next to her when they panned out. i’m thinking she has the same advisers as princess sarah. to get her ready for the show, they taught her a new word, inappropriate, and told her to use it whenever she didn’t have an answer to a question.

    she had a shit-eating grin at the end, but cadaver larry is not the one who looked like an idiot. if you get angry and storm off a show, you have to actually leave. 🙄

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