Please Lord, Kill Obama For Us.

Does anyone in this country know where the line is between free speech and incitement to murder?

If you missed Frank Schaeffer on Rachel Maddow Tuesday night, watch the video.

Do we just let all the religious maniacs Schaeffer is talking about work themselves into a self-righteous frenzy until one or more of them decide they’ll do the Lord’s dirty work for him?


  1. Avatar YourPenisisTinyAintit?

    Republicans, you are so inbred that you believe you are not. We are all laughing at your lame attempts to keep control of the corruption your party supports, but enough is enough. You are sad little little people that need to accept that your party is the furthest thing from Christian on the planet. Jesus was a healer, not a fat man that fears change. Oooooh the socialists are coming.. oooooh they are going to encourage free thinking…. oooh I just pooped my pants.

    Sad sad little people.

  2. Religious extremists annoy me in general. When they do shit that they rant against constantly—words cannot do justice, the feelings of utter contempt that arise within me for such ignorant –what is the word? Oh, yea Fuctards. Its no secret this brand of wingnuts are hypocrites. After watching Sarah Palin’s video in church with an African Witch Hunter, I guess I find this all a bit ironic. All the bullshit attempts to remove Harry Potter Books–cause dey be selling witchcraft!, you know, just the last hundred years of absolute ignorance in this vein–has gotten on my last stumpy thing that passes for a nerve. Just all of it. I don’t want to hate these people, because it would be a waste of energy, but there are times, when I passionately wish they would either shut the fuck up, or at least take the trouble to learn something about their own faith, from someone other than John Haggee or James Dobson.
    Unlike them, I didn’t get together with 100 hundred of my closest friend/prayer warriors and stick pins in dolls to make it happen. And you know–what bothers me the most, is– it’s the thought that counts. I don’t want to hear from someone so full of fucking hate, that they read their own Bible through that filter, about how much their reinterpretation of Jesus, loves me or anyone else for that matter. The difference between this bunch and Jim Jone’s People’s Temple? Kool-Aid.

    1. I hear you, Chick. It’s damned near impossible not to lose it over the magnitude of the hypocrisy. It’s worth noting that even Jesus had more than enough of their shit, and you know, as a man among men— even as the Creator of all these— these— hypocrites— he raised his voice and got in their faces and said— and I’ll quote extensively here from The Urantia Book, because when they use an exclamation point when quoting Jesus, you better know you’ve stepped in off-the-scale shit:

      “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! … You are all fools and blind. … “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees and all other hypocrites who make sure that they tithe mint, anise, and cumin and at the same time disregard the weightier matters of the law— faith, mercy, and judgment! Within reason, the one you ought to have done but not to have left the other undone. You are truly blind guides and dumb teachers; you strain out the gnat and swallow the camel.

      “Woe upon you, scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites! for you are scrupulous to cleanse the outside of the cup and the platter, but within there remains the filth of extortion, excesses, and deception. You are spiritually blind. Do you not recognize how much better it would be first to cleanse the inside of the cup, and then that which spills over would of itself cleanse the outside? You wicked reprobates! you make the outward performances of your religion to conform with the letter of your interpretation of Moses’ law while your souls are steeped in iniquity and filled with murder.

      “Woe upon all of you who reject truth and spurn mercy! Many of you are like whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear beautiful but within are full of dead men’s bones and all sorts of uncleanness. Even so do you who knowingly reject the counsel of God appear outwardly to men as holy and righteous, but inwardly your hearts are filled with hypocrisy and iniquity.

      “Woe upon you, false guides of a nation! Over yonder have you built a monument to the martyred prophets of old, while you plot to destroy him of whom they spoke. You garnish the tombs of the righteous and flatter yourselves that, had you lived in the days of your fathers, you would not have killed the prophets; and then in the face of such self-righteous thinking you make ready to slay him of whom the prophets spoke, the Son of Man. Inasmuch as you do these things, are you witness to yourselves that you are the wicked sons of them who slew the prophets. Go on, then, and fill up the cup of your condemnation to the full!

      “Woe upon you, children of evil! John did truly call you the offspring of vipers, and I ask how can you escape the judgment that John pronounced upon you?”

      That we still find ourselves contending with the same level of hypocrisy 2,000 years later is not surprising, when you consider that the affliction of the ignorant is they’re ignorant of their ignorance. But just as in the day of Jesus, some of them know full well what they do— and there is no hope for these.

  3. Dear, Lord, up there in your holy white caucasian heaven, keep us in mind down here who must suffer at the hands of this unholy hell spawned darky who seeks to enslave us poor, oppressed white folk in financial servitude and universal healthcare. And if you feel in your magnanimous good will and righteous charity you can strike him with ulcerated, pale white skin so he can feel our pain, that’d be really, really super. He and his people have never had to suffer the horrors of tyranny and just have no idea how much we white Christians have been forced to unfairly endure since…2009…January…20th. Again, if you can show this heretical Kenyan Muslim what it’s like to be a real American, well, I’d just be tickled pink., but not in any socialist kind of way.

    Your servant,

    Cletus Joe Lugnut

    PS–thank you for Glenn Beck.

  4. I would deemphasize the “doing the Lord’s work” part of the puzzle and remind everyone that the first coup d’etat effected a total change of the guard (1963). What would the next one do?

    Those faux snooze screamers in the service of the Impalin’ brigade are not joking. No matter what David F. Brooks would have us believe.


    1. Avatar Michael Hart

      Hey Suze, David Fucking Brooks is the modern day equivalent of a corporate propaganda whore like Tokyo Rose, blathering on behalf of a crumbling corporate empire of corruption. Seriously— who can take seriously a creature who lets some letcherous Repuglican creep rub his upper thigh under the table for a couple hours.

      Only when progressives, thinking independents, and all other civic-minded Americans understand that the “culture war” can only be “won” by working together to defeat an increasingly vicious minority of wealthy corporate interests, will we begin to shed ourselves of the failed Dystopia of Corporate America.

  5. Um yea. I would like to point out that when a bunch of people get together and pray using words in order to use the power of their personal will, to engender a specific outcome through hidden or unseen means—um that’s witchcraft–technically speaking. I know that these dipshits think that witchcraft is all about ouigi boards, and shit, but really, the Psalm 108.9 people have pretty much satisfied the most basic description. They are in fact using their consciousness to reorder reality. After all, if their God is this Omnipotent being, then one would suppose that he put Obama in the Oval Office for a reason. To rebel against that placement is to rebell against God’s order, which is yet another, more biblical definition of witchcraft.
    Just saying.
    Uncle Crowley would be proud.

    1. Avatar Michael Hart

      Hi Chick, (Can I call you Chick? 🙂 Witchcraft or not, praying with words to affect God’s will is not the same thing as using the power of their own wills to effect what they think is God’s will. Deciding God wants some homicide done on his behalf by half-wits, who believe they have correctly interpreted a two-thousand yea old hate-filled screed to mean someone needs to kill the president of a nation that did not even exist when the screed was written, is evil; unmitigated evil.

      It also sends a big “fuck you” to their Lord, who when present on the planet some 2,000 years ago repeatedly urged all God’s children, Jew and gentile, rich and poor, free and bond, Pharisee or sinner, Sadducee or publican, male or female, learned, unlearned, good and bad, sane and— mm— uh, you insane folks— he never mentioned you by name, but certainly he would frown on your insane interpretation of “Love your enemies”— assassinate them in his name.

      No. the prayers of the 1-o-9rs will not be answered by God. Anyone who can grasp the idea of God as a loving Father of all creatures can also understand that prayer functions as a potent agency of religion, to conserve the highest values and ideals of those who pray; never the execution of their most depraved and virulent hatreds and fears.

      Real prayer is always— always— ethical; never hate filled. All unethical praying reverts to the primitive levels of pseudo magic, and is unworthy of all civilizations and any so-called enlightened religions. Selfish praying transgresses the spirit of all ethics founded on loving justice; murderous prayer is an abomination, a word they only pretend to understand.

      Yes, Aleister would be proud, and Lucifer would be gloating, just as he was when Jesus allowed sanctimonious fools to carry out their own wills under the same guise sanctimonious fools are using today to justify bringing about Obama’s death.

      The “One” indeed; they’ll show him what God-fearing Christians do to the, “One.”

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