GOP thanksgivingYes, indeed, they got theirs;  a wonderfully visceral lump of especially formulated and prepared Republican Party elephant ordure, deftly carved by de facto party propagandist, Rush Limbaugh, and served up by party de facto princess, Sarah Palin, to the true believers and signatories of the new Republican red-blooded loyalty oath.
But wait; there’s more…
Far right to extreme right:  token black, Michael Steele;  token whackjob, Michele Bachmann;  token Jew, Joe Lieberman;  token Mormon, Mittens Romney; unknown token poor child; token propaganda network president, Roger Ailes;  token radio bloviator and de facto party propagandist, Rush Limbaugh;  unknown token grandfather;  token party princess, Sarah Palin;  unknown token grandmother;  token teevee bloviator and cultural whacktard, Glenn Beck;  token Christian porn starlet, Carrie Prejean;  token senatorial good ‘ole boy, Mitch McConnell;  token congressional fuctard, John Boehner.
If you wanna smell the money you must click it. (Sorry, Norman.)

One of the voices in the head of Glenn Beck:
Yes. Yes. America. We got ours. Oh yeah, we got the bucks; the houses;  the cars;  the yachts;  the planes; all the stuff;  we GOT ours.  But I’m not talking about the stuff, now.  No.No.No.  I’m talking about ideas.  The ideas. We got ours;  we got the ideology.  It’s Pure.  Ideologically pure.  It’s Conservative.  It’s Obstreperous.  It’s Precious;  it’s America. Will you get yours?  I don’t know;  I don’t know;  I don’t know.

That’s the truth, America.  He doesn’t know.


But consider this.  The great ideological struggle between liberals and conservatives, Christians and heathens, rich and poor, is giving thanks today.  A day for humans of whatever stripe to come together and indulge in varying degrees of wretched excess under the guise of thanksgiving to whatever institutionalized deity strikes their fancy, or none at all.  So celebrate, if you can. Give thanks, if you know how;  and if you are a believer in the Divine, be assured that the Father will not be unmindful of your needs.

Seek first the kingdom of God;  and when you have found entrance thereto,
all things needful shall be added to you.  Be not, then, unduly anxious for tomorrow.
Sufficient for the day is the trouble thereof.

—Jesus, speaking in The Urantia Book



  1. Avatar Nameless Until Fused

    Ah yes, Page 911 – “…And the quantity of such wise leadership has never exceeded one percent of the population…”

    Thank goodness it’s a book this time and not a person who can be assassinated….

    The micro and mono special interest groups you list, Michael, are limited to 2 out of 10 people…IF you remove the two “hot button” issues of gays and abortion –

    why so much advertisement of evil….?

    There still is RUTHLESS censorship of anyone and everyone who can PROVE that there is NO such creature as “uneducated electorate” unless you are talking about people with below normal organic brains…? If the “average” IQ of USA citizens has fallen below 90, then we have a bigger problem with the “selective elimination of the best human stock” than I currently suspect there already is…

    I read the Urantia Book – normally, front to back – and will continue to reach out to find like souls who are interested in promoting the existence of the book instead of promoting themselves and the voices in their heads 🙂

    Have fun with your “negative” focus – guess there was a reason this website was on the last page of the google search listing…

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  3. Thanks for helping me put into words a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while.

    Whatever ideological struggle there might used to have been has been beautifully, wondrously exposed as fraudulent by your cast of loud-mouthed, dim-witted characters.

    It’s now just a comedic venture to watch any of the MSM shows and try to find any serious thinking emerging from the pieholes of this bunch of monkeys.

    Thanks for your good works. I’ve certainly enjoyed being a part of your band of gypsies this year.

    Carry on, friend!


    The great ideological struggle between liberals and conservatives, Christians and heathens, rich and poor

    1. Hi Suze, and do know how thankful we are to have you in our little “band of gypsies,” too!
      I think you’re exactly right— it really is an emperor has no clothes thing, a comedic ideological farce that harbors the seeds of it’s own destruction. . . I hope we see the nation turn this corner, solve our problems with love and compassion, despite the fact we carry a huge load of dumb in our electorate. If we manage to pull it off, amazing things could happen…

      1. Avatar Nameless Until Fused

        I always ask for the DATA, Saitia….

        WHO, exactly, is the “huge load of dumb”……?

        I just don’t “hear” that kind of assessment of the human condition in the “conversation” between, oh, let’s say COSMIC “leadership”, like Adam and Eve, or Solitary Messengers, or Divine Counselors……?

        “Dark and confused”, yes, but obviously they thought enough of us

        (heck we are PERSONALITY, 7 adjutant mind spirits, have gifts like Thought Adjusters and Spirit of Truth)

        to provide us with the Urantia Papers…all they asked was for us to publish and distribute them…seems THAT might even be “amazing” if it ever actually happens.

        peace out…

        1. Hi Nameless,

          If you truly don’t know “WHO, exactly, is the ‘huge load of dumb’, ”MH is talking about, I suggest you look more closely at those gathered around the table at the top. But if you really want “DATA,” try a study group. We blog about life on the World of the Cross. We’re not a data source nor are we a “Urantia Book” site as some UB readers expect and prefer. But assuming you’ve read The Urantia Book, can it be you’ve overlooked numerous remarks in the book which characterize society in the late twentieth century as having entered a decidedly dangerous transitional period? “They” don’t mince words in describing exactly what they mean. Try Paper 81 again.
          Take care.

        2. Nameless Until Fused:
          Limbaugh’s 20 million Dittoheads.
          Right Wing Evangelical Secularists.
          Anyone who thinks Glenn Beck is a genius, let alone worth a minute of their time.
          Anyone who thinks Fux Noiz is a fair and balanced news channel.
          Anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is worthy of the presidency. Anyone who thinks gays deserve to be beaten to death.
          Anyone who thinks physicians who provide abortions should be murdered in the name of the perp’s “religious values.”
          Anyone who takes a loaded weapon to an American town hall.
          Anyone who thinks Obama is a Muslim-Commie-fascist-nazi who is building camps to imprison them.
          The uneducated electorate who are continually manipulated by fear and propaganda.

          Ringing the bell yet?

  4. Avatar nameless until fused

    We should establish an institution for the politically insane…

    Some USELESS strategist (who ARE these people and why do they get on TV?!) is intending to set up a NEW “battle”

    Republicans are for “freedom”

    Democrats are for “justice”

    I kid you not.

    Imagine how INSANE you must be to pit “freedom” against “justice”…

    Guess some people ARE so retarded that they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time…but do people who CAN have both “freedom” and “justice” have a MORAL OBLIGATION to become so politically correct that retards are to be FOLLOWED as “leaders”…

    I do not know anyone who has ever celebrated “wretched excess” at Thanksgiving….and anyone who HAS and knows no other way, you’re invited to join me for a “holiday”…pick your favorite…any “culture”, any style of “worship”

    don’t be hatin’


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