Ratigan’s Smackdown of Rep. Schultz

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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) was on Dylan Ratigan’s MSNBC show this morning and got her head handed to her (tough little lady that she is).

After beginning her prepared talking points speech, DR insisted, time and time again, that she answer his question about how if the latest version of the HCR bill was so great for consumers, mandated to buy crappy insurance from profit driven providers with no cost controls, why the stocks of the health care companies were up some 10% alone this week.

She tried to blow it off by saying she wasn’t a stock analyst, and DR pounced, saying he was. After that they spent the rest of the interview talking over each other, DR finally told her his show was one that focused on specific answers to specific questions and not one where guests just regurgitate their talking points and cut her off.

He then went to Wendell Potter (the former health care industry insider) who pointed out that since the whole HCR process began earlier in the year, the stocks of the health care industry have doubled and even tripled.

Like Deep Throat said, follow the money.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    mary b

    Speaking of Tweety, here’s a couple of comments I posted on FDL yesterday on a thread that began with his dissing of progressives.

    Tweety likes to call himself “a liberal”, puffing himself up in the process by demeaning those who call themselves progressives, saying he can’t understand why they prefer that term.

    He has so internalized the Village narrative that it doesn’t occur to him that the wingers have spent the last 30 years and hundreds of millions of think tank dollars redefining “liberal” as someone whose policies low information voters could and should never support.

    Tweety is the prime example of the “gelded” liberal that Grover Norquist bragged he had help create in DC, one of those “fixed” farm animals that won’t make trouble for The Ruling Class.


    Tweety’s lack of an edit function is exacerbated by his extreme narcissism, evident every time he demands an answer to a second question before a guest can even begin trying his answer the first one. It’s like he has an involuntary reflex action that kicks in whenever the camera is off him for more than a few seconds.

  2. i like ratigan ( i see him in the elevator at work all time) – but this time i think he was just rude to her.

    his show is being moved to 4p and the sniveling chuck todd (who has become a total sellout) gets a 9am slot.

    and yes i so wish they would get rid of morning schmoe because i truly hate riding the elevator with him

  3. Avatar mary b

    Good for Ratigan. Maybe I’ll start watching T.V. again. It’s nice to know that some of the MSM are trying to keep people honest.
    As far as Chuck Todd getting a show, well that’s a crying shame. He’s an ignorant Villager to me. As bad, if not worse than Tweety.
    They all usually disgust me in the long run.
    But I’m in total agreement as far as getting Scar and his twit, Mika, off of the air. They are nothing but right wingers who, when they don’t like other peoples opinions on something, start having temper tantrums. Not unlike Fox Noise. They are the biggest mistake on MSNBC.

  4. Propagandee Propagandee

    TPM reports that:

    MSNBC’s Ratigan Says He’ll Apologize

    MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan suggested on his Twitter feed he will apologize for yelling at Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on air during an interview on health care earlier today.

    Ratigan tweeted, “Will apologize for losing temper. Won’t apologize for challenging lies and misinformation. USA needs apology for destructive false solutions.”

    He also responded to one of his nearly 6,000 followers, “My temper is a distraction. Govt . is again offering false reform, protecting those who bankroll them and nailing taxpayers.”

  5. Propagandee Propagandee


    I’m starting to like Rattigan. He knows the street. Used to see him on CNBC where he didn’t mix well with the likes of Kudlow and Santelli. Glad he got his own show.

    MSNBC is shuffling their schedule soon and I’m not sure where he’s going to end up– later in the afternoon I think. Chuck Todd is getting his own show too; think he’s replacing David Shuster. Now if they would just dump Scarborough and that annoying twit Mika Brzezinsk.

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