Kiss Your Middle Class Ass Goodbye (Update)

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I want to make out with her , too.

In Kiss Your Middle Class Ass Goodbye, I posted a chart detailing the plight of the middle class since the early ’70s that shows the increasing percentage of family incomes dedicated to things like home loan payments (+100%), child care (+100%), and health insurance(+103%), at the expense of things like food (-19%), car costs (-30%), clothing (-32%), and appliances (-44%).

The rest of the post was dedicated to an article written by the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on banking bailouts, Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warrren. Well, she’s at it again, per her interview with Jon Stewart last night.

Boy, would I love to hear Obama say tonight at the SOTU that he’s giving Warren Larry Summers‘ job.

A guy can dream, can’t he?


  1. Let me put it clearly:

    By Bullshit Jesus/Theocracy–I am talking about the whole sale rape of American rights in the name of religion which is used to disguise that its really in the name of corporate profits and power grabs.

    I know the difference–Honestly though, I am so sick of hearing about Jesus, because I witness so few people who actually quote him, that seem interested in living an examined life, as opposed to violently examining and controlling everyone else’s life.

    No Offense Jesus, just I suppose you are overexposed by exactly the wrong sort of ad campaigners.

    Its a lot easier to contemplate various wisdoms, when you are not constantly having to duck and cover or guard your space.

    And well, honestly I am not real crazy about the underlying mysogynistic paradigm that pre-existed in the Judaic texts, that was refreshed and rehydrated with Roman Patrician designs after the death of Christ.
    Not really amused at that one either. But that is an entirely different Jerry Springer episode.

  2. Ha ha ha… you so funny Props. 😉

    Yeah, we ruminate regularly around here just wtf “quivering” is and how long it can actually go on before you have to call it something very different— like, descending into global chaos for a few hundred decades before those “enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment” actually occur.

  3. Propagandee Propagandee

    Sorry if I put you into a ‘missionary’ position!

    As The Urantia Book observes:

    …[P]aganized and socialized Christianity stands in need of new contact with the uncompromised teachings of Jesus; it languishes for lack of a new vision of the Master’s life on earth. A new and fuller revelation of the religion of Jesus is destined to conquer an empire of materialistic secularism and to overthrow a world sway of mechanistic naturalism. Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.

    Well, I’ve been reading the book for some forty years now, and I don’t know how much more “quivering” I can handle!

  4. Wait a minute— we have a “mission”? You mean like a sekrit agent thing? or a San Juan Capistrano thing?

    And I thought the teachings of the real Jesus were corrupted before they ever made it out of Palestine— thank you, Paul. I can’t even get ppl to understand that Christianity doesn’t “own” Jesus— lock, stock, and platitudes— like a fricken corporate brand.

    Lord lova duck; Urantians are so fucked.

  5. Propagandee Propagandee

    nonnie: Didn’t u just love Liz’s blushing reaction to Stewart’s amorous expression?

    SEC: It’s part of our mission here at US to distinguish between the Jesus hijacked by the religious wrong and the narrative of Jesus articulated in The Urantia Book.

    Like many (if not all) great religious leaders whose teachings are inevitably corrupted by their latter day devotees (who more often than not try to leverage their proximity to the teaching source to enable their own personal power designs), if ever there was a better example of the logical principle of a distinction with a difference, the teachings about Jesus as contrasted with the teachings of Jesus, is just such a distinction.

  6. I said it months ago, that really old money and old politics that were bred by the ancestral resistance to the New Deal are at work here. Honestly, the whole bullshit Jesus/Theocracy crap is just a get up, to disguise the true desire which is to end the Middle Class and to create that Corpotocracy that is so desired by America’s Big Name, Big Bonused, CEOs and their Pet Politicians.

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