Maddow On Republican Hypocrisy

Just a PSA every American should contemplate, regardless of political party.
Hypocrisy is a vice.  It is a vice the Republican Party uses as a weapon.
To put it simply, they must be disarmed. Yesterday.

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One Comment

  1. the excuses i’ve seen in some comments on stories on the internets is that it’s fine for them to take credit for the stim money after they voted against it, because, as long as the money is there, then they should try to get it back to the people. the flaw in the logic in many places is that they take more from the federal government than they pay in. wouldn’t it make sense that the states that pay in more than they take be entitled to that money? most of the red states are taking more money than they’re contributing, so screw ’em! send the money to the other states. otherwise, wouldn’t that sorta be like socialism?

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