Miss Fortune Teller

Hypocrisy be damned, Miss Fortune Teller reads a teleprompter jab off her own fleshy-feely Telepalmer

Deep in a Nashville fog, at the darkest time of night,
A (Rogue) Miss Fortune Teller sat in a comfy chair
As she engaged in an ancient ritual.
The ones that had gathered did not see
What the Fortune Teller was doing
For she was bathed in the darkness of  the Right.

All they heard was her shrill conversation with her Telepalmer;
And in her shrill screed, she summoned those around her:

Miss Fortune Teller chants to ward off unfavorable facts
From influencing the ancient ritual
She whispers commands in the foreign tongue of tea
As she calls for protection around those
Who have come for guidance
She can feel the Teabags that have gathered
To join her in her Psychotic Quest
And she is in complete control
Of an alternate reality

The Miss Fortune Teller rails to the Teabags
It would appear to an outsider
That she is talking to herself
But the Goons that have gathered know that
Their Miss Fortune Teller is in deep conversation
With her Inner Bag

Miss Fortune Teller’s goal in this ritual is
To bring solace and guidance
To those who are troubled or possessed
By a retarded malevolence
So that all their world’s problems can pass through her
And she can steep those problems into
the TEA of an Alternate World—
where they all belong

Now for the first time in History
You have witnessed a Truly Remarkable
And Magical Event that will leave you wondering
If what you have actually seen and heard
Was in reality— even possible


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