Tarzan With A Parachute

Just for the hell of it…

And what are you doing this wintry Saturday afternoon?


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Yo T:

    Wow. To see that in real time. Yikes.

    Know a pilot who flies those things. Scared the crap out of me one day trying to get over the Rockies with a single engine. And he let me view Mt Adams up REAL close. My fingers are still numb from clutching the bottom of the seat.


    Would never have thought of Carmina Burana as background music for a stunt like that. I probably would have dubbed in a Johnny Weismuller Tarzan yell.

    First heard O Fortuna in the movie Excalibur where Merlin dispatches Uther a-galloping over the abyss of The Dragon’s Breath…

    Now there was a great movie.

  2. Hey Prop,
    The Boulder Glider tow plane had a mid-air collision a couple miles west of Boulder Municipal Airport sometime after 2 PM today; my wife just happened to look up at North-bound 28th at Canyon and saw a few pieces of flaming wreckage falling with heavy black smoke out North of town. Four people took the seraphic shuttle to the next world behind this action. HuffPo has a piece of video of one of the planes dropping with a whole-plane chute.

    But me? I’m cleaning house for the Colts’ ass-kicking tomorrow.
    Heh heh heh.

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