Whew; It’s Okay If It’s Satire (UPDATE VI)

“Stephen Colbert Bump”?
Spotted near the Antelope Freeway this morning…
If you wanna read the scribbles, you must click it

If you see any political billboards, snap a picture and send it in;
and don’t worry about it being politically correct;
as long as it’s “satire,” it’s o-f*cking kay.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Sarah Palin Uses a Hand-O-Prompter

Stephen Cobert puts the “‘tard” in Palin

The First Pic has arrived!

Awesome!  The billboard under one of our banner ads has the F*ckin’ Retard ad, and it’s already been totally worked by the locals!
This board is next to the 405 north-bound at Hacienda Avenue;  thanks to BottaBingBoy in Fountain Valley!
Click for full retard

Board Three Found in Oakland

“StreetWeevil” found this massive board near Harrison St. @ 4th St.,
and says it’s a miracle it hasn’t been tagged yet.


Huzza! New Board Four Found in Encinitas

Another design found overlooking the 5 near the Solana Mar Starbucks
Thanks to “Goucho Marx” of Long Beach!


Board Five— This May Be Trending

Ventura Blvd., sent by “Maggie.”


Board Six— Headed for Full Retard

Pacific Highway @ Kurtz St. from Oliver “Ollie” Wendelson


Cool! Taken by “Mr. Prot” from a moving vehicle northbound on the Bayshore Freeway just past Oyster Point Park. (South San Francisco)


Our new friend “StreetWeevil” sent us an update pic of the board near Harrison St. @ 4th St., and says he is not a suspect or even a person of interest in this heinous but incredibly artistic vandalism of the F*ckin’ Retard billboard.


Our good friend nonnie9999 sent this tea-bag ‘o hot air from Fort Lauderdale, and the irony is just back-breaking!


  1. ran out of reply clicks in the thread, so i’ll respond down here.

    i completely agree that it’s what’s in people hearts that counts. i would suggest that their actions count for a lot, too. for example, should princess sarah’s dedication to children with disabilities be measured by how loudly she called for rahm emanuel’s resignation or by the fact that she slashed the budget for special education when she was governor?

    p.s. speaking of billboards, have you seen the new one that’s making news?

    1. I upped the replies number, nonnie; you’re breakin’ new ground here, sweetheart! And yeah, it was the Miss Me Yet board that got me started. It also reminded me that asshat and Dick are still free.

      There is justice in the universe; little do they know it’s going to be far worse on those fucks if justice is delayed until after they leave this world.

  2. on a serious note (omg! i’ll probably get the bends or whiplash from that!), i don’t believe for a moment that princess sarah gives a shit about her baby. she only brings him out when it will sell some books or make political points. watch her when she’s holding him. she grabs him so that he’s facing away from her (don’t want to take a chance of getting baby puke on her expensive clothes). there was a video of the family just hanging out, and the baby reacted to todd and to her other name-challenged kids, but acted like she was a stranger. if she really cared about developmentally challenged kids, she would have used retardedgate as a teaching moment, not for politically-motivated demand that rahm emanuel be fired. i actually hate the word, retarded. when my son and his friends would use it, i’d make sure they knew i didn’t like it. however, referring to it as the R word now is ridiculous.

    p.s. your billboards are hilarious. they’re so…so…so…satirical!

    1. Nonnie, I can’t remember who said it recently on the teevee, but they noted an important, but not necessarily new meaning for the word “retard” and “retarded.” The word does not refer to persons with diagnosed developmental disabilities, but “normal” people— like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric, Cantor, Susan Collins, Sarah Palin, etc., who do stupid things intentionally, even though they are technically capable of a more intelligent course of action.

      Getting them to do so however, is impossible. It’s like Rachel Maddow said tonight: “It’s like trying to teach your dog to drive; it wastes a lot of time, it won’t work, and ultimately the dog comes out of the exercise feeling less embarrassed for failing than you do for trying.”

      These fuckers are retarded. And under the most recent definition of the word, they richly deserve to be dissed frequently and assiduously as retards. I refuse to let a retard like Palin co-opt the word that describes them so perfectly.

      As for her own child, I agree; that a mother could even once use the term to refer to her child as retarded— right, Levi? — is revolting. It speaks volumes, and jives with the tell-all books about her. And revolting is also the word I would use to describe the prospect of her being nominated to any political office.

      And whiplash be damned, please do get “serious” here any time you like. 😎

      1. mh, i think it might have been louis black who delineated the difference between what the word means now and what it meant back in the day. i understand that calling someone retarded has taken on a meaning other than developmentally disabled, but i guess i grew up at a time when it meant exactly that, and it still makes me bristle. i remember my mom had a friend who had a son and daughter who were both autistic. back then, however, autism was not as well known as it has become, and it was always whispered that the kids were retarded. it always made me so sad for the kids and for their mother, and there was a time when i thought i would teach developmentally disabled kids. that never came to pass, but there’s a special place in my cold dark heart for kids with mental disabilities. i guess i dislike the word so much, because they hate being called retarded. while we understand that it’s not meant as an insult to them, they don’t. it’s still recent enough that the word still has both connotations. i know how you mean it and how jon stewart and stephen colbert meant it on their shows, and i would venture a guess that you and they have more compassion in your little fingers for disabled kids than princess has in her whole being. in fact, i would bet my life on it.

        i guess it’s just one of my little bête noires, and i’ll live with it.

        1. Avatar Michael Hart

          Yep, Louis Black. Of course you’re right nonnie, the word still is insulting when used towards people with Ds, and there simply is no place for any insults when it comes to our fellows with Ds.

          And we know there’s a lot of stuff that is vulgar and unkind in our humor and satire. The Urantia Book has an interesting explanation of what humor is, and is not, namely that real humor is never “tinged with the accentuation of the misfortunes of the weak and erring.”

          Believe me, I appreciate you lumping me in with Colbert and Stewart and the confidence you so kindly expressed in us; but in the end it will always be a person’s motivation for their words and deeds that will be judged by the only judge that really matters; and I’ll be grateful if I can live up to that standard more often than not.

          PS: Thanks for the balloon billboard! Too teabaggin’ crazy!

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