New Business Opportunity

Now that the worst fears of the Teabaggers have been realized, does anyone know where I can buy dead peasant insurance on all those Grammies waiting to have their plugs pulled?

Will their be a national exchange where I can buy futures, derivatives, puts and calls on the policies?

[image found here.]

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  1. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    I don’t know about you, but I feel personally insulted that these wingnut fuctards actually believe that other Americans would stand by and allow something like this to actually occur. They are so convinced that no one can possibly know what has been happening in this country–except for baggers of course, and so the rest of America is sooooo stupid and so downtrodden that we would just go along with whatever!

    Yep, I feel really insulted by that assumption.

    No one could ever be as smart or as educated, or vigilant as a teabagger.
    [note sarcasm]

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