Weakly Whurld News
You just can’t make this shit up.

LYONS, CO — I had to go into town this morning to help my brother and sister Liberals round up a few dozen stray T-Baggers and RepubliCons that were still laying around catatonic in the streets, and get’m on the trains headed for the re-edumacation camps in central Kansas.

I was surprised to find this Weakly Whurled News already at the checkout stand of the Socialist People’s Co-op.  Of course all pulp-crap must be recycled under the People’s New Vision For America Manifesto, but thought this would be a hoot to put in the time capsule I’m burying in the back yard.


  1. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    You are so wrooooooong and Bad! But in a most glorious fashion. I really needed a good laugh and you gave me one.

    It aint perfect but at least we gots our foot in the door. Yea Health Care Reform!

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