Sarah’s Little Shop Of Government Horrors

During Sarah Palin’s address to the NRA yesterday, she warned them to stay alert because Obama is planning to take all their guns and ammo away, despite any evidence to back up her claim.

I’m not aware of a single piece of proposed legislation from either the Congress or the White House to restrict gun ownership. In fact, Obama has signed legislation allowing firearms to be carried in national parks.

(When I lived in Alaska, everybody carried when they were outdoors because of the bears and the occasional ornery moose, a .44 magnum pistol at the very least.)

If you don’t have the facts to support your claims, you can always just make shit up. Now that health insurance reform passed, I hear there’s a sale on “death panels” at Palin’s little shop of government horrors.

Feed me Seymore, all night long.

Meanwhile, Palin and the NRA leadership seem content to support a Leave No Terrorist On the Watchlist Behind campaign, despite resistance from the larger membership.

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