Jindal Makes It Legal To Bring A Gun To Worship

The Sisters of Mercy preparing for their annual communion host skeet shot competition

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal just made it legal for individuals in his state to come to their local house of worship packin’ heat:

Gov. Bobby Jindal signs bills allowing guns in church

Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed into law one of the more controversial bills from the recent legislative session, one allowing guns to be carried into houses of worship…

Burns’ bill would authorize persons who qualified to carry concealed weapons having passed the training and background checks to bring them to churches, mosques, synagogues or other houses of worship as part of a security force.

I mean, what could go wrong there?


I still have nightmares of my 8th grade teacher, an Irish nun who was my first introduction to the practice of terrorism.

She was a little over 5′ tall and couldn’t have weighed more than a 100 lbs. One Monday morning she came storming into the classroom, absolutely enraged about something. Apparently one of my female classmates had been observed wearing makeup at an off campus dance at our local Catholic high school “sockhop” the previous Friday night.

To demonstrate how she felt about such a damning display of iniquity, Sister Adrian proceeded to the desk nearest the front door, occupied by my friend Gene.  Gene (the drummer in my band) was no small dude, with wrists the size of 4x4s. But that didn’t count for much as we all watched in horrified awe as she threw him, metal desk and all, straight out the building.

Sister Adrian made The Penguin in the Blues Brothers movie look like a wimp. Wooden ruler, my ass.

(Years later I asked someone whatever happened to Sister Adrian. The reply: “She had a nervous breakdown and got married.”  And I had always thought it was the other way around ; )


So, you can now bring a gun to a house of worship in Louisiana.  And in Virginia, you can legally enter a bar locked and loaded.  (Just don’t ask for a ‘shot.’)

Is it any wonder that the rest of the world thinks that we here in the USA have lost our  collective freakin’ minds?


  1. i’m not catholic, but my mom once worked in a catholic hospital, and one of the nuns in charge took a liking to her. whenever someone in the family was sick, sister georgetta would pray for him/her. she prayed for me when i was in the hospital for surgery on 2 different occasions. not only did the surgeries not go as intended, but on both occasions, i wound up having to have surgery on something unrelated to why i was in the hospital in the first place. after that, whenever i was sick, i told my mother not to mention it to sister g. i’ve been scared of nuns ever since.

  2. You can pack in Arizony bars too, Prop. Gives dyin’ of thirst a whole new meaning.
    But yeh those frickin’ nuns. Fearless daughters-‘o-bitches, alright; we had a couple 8th grade boys who were nudgin’ 6′ 4″ but it never stopped sister Georgiana (5′ 5″ & 180) from grabbing them by the fleshy part of the ear and draggin’ they asses out the classroom. The fierce urgency of now, you know.

    Oh, Mark, what makes you think God isn’t already trying to destroy mankind? Do you know someone who got off the planet alive?

  3. You know, it’s entirely possible that God might get the idea to destroy mankind, and then I’ll just bet you’ll be one of those liberals crying cause they don’t have a gun to protect themselves.

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