Sharron Angle, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin are the reigning supremely stupid.

Unless you have been on another planet, you already know we are in one of our nation’s— even the world’s— most critical transitional periods.  And every day now, we learn more about many of our so-called “leaders,” as they increasingly expose themselves as incompetent, corrupt, and unqualified to lead us anywhere but backward into the abyss of history.

You can’t turn around in Washington without being staggered by the appalling stupidity of a phalanx of unqualified men and women who have managed to entrench themselves behind a parcel of political power.  You know who they are— the John Boehners, the Addison Mitchell McConnells, the Steve Kings, the Michele Bachmanns, the Haley Barbours, John Kyls, John Sidney McCains, and on and on. What does it mean that so many national office holders are ignorant and unwise, corporate lackeys, batshit crazy, or all of the above?

It means no state or nation can transcend the moral values of its citizenry,  as exemplified— or  not— in their chosen leaders.  It means our electorate is dangerously incapable of discerning— and electing— candidates who are truly qualified, wise, and have the personal integrity and honesty to uphold their own, and our nation’s highest values.

Representative Joe “Ah Apollagize” Barton (Oil Shill-TX) with other Texas reps

If we continue electing even more of these ignorant and unqualified men and women with backward philosophies, shrewd and designing men and women dedicated to the many corporate hands that feed them and not the needs of the progressive majority of it’s people, we can be certain their ignorance and selfishness will eventually insure the downfall of our government.

Leadership is vital to progress. Wisdom, insight, and foresight are indispensable to the endurance of nations, and the great danger to our civilization at any one moment is the threat of breakdown— during the time of transition from the established methods of the past— to the new and better, but untried, methods of the future.

One of the great hindrances to the progress of our society is the escalating conflict between the interests and welfare of the haves and the have nots, the conflict between the larger, more socialized human groups, and the smaller, contrary-minded asocial groups— tea-baggers, white supremacists, Birchers and Beckers, etc.;  not to mention antisocially-minded single individuals, like Limbaugh and Beck.

No national civilization long endures unless its educational methods and religious ideals inspire a high type of intelligent patriotism and national devotion. It should be clear by now that Fundamentalist Christianity and the tea partiers are incapable of doing so.

Never before in our history has it been more important to rouse our fellow citizens to the monumental tasks that face us, and the vitally important need for the best possible leadership we can find as a people. My worry is that there are so few real leaders left we will not be able to find them.

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  1. Hey Chick. Neuroplasticity isn’t going to help those three; the character formed by the decisions of a lifetime are revealed in moments of crisis, and these three women have refudiated their supposed leadership skills, let alone their qualification for public office.

  2. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    The phrase you are looking for is Consciousness Raising.

    Back in the day, when Feminism wasn’t the *F word, women, of the second wave used to hold Consciousness Raising groups. Of course this operates on the assumption that the average person can benefit from the existence of neuroplasticity.

    Gods only hope!

    AND–When I saw your lovely top picture, I thought that you should label it: The Chicken lady, Batshit Lady and Alaskan Barbie.
    I guess in some ways you could say that Sharon shows the Angle of the Dangle in Big Pharma for starters
    Tee hee.

    1. AH; the real supreme Supremes; maybe evidence that not all great minds necessarily think alike, like you and me, nonnie 8-P
      When I started writing this post, it was about the importance of qualified women in high national office, and the danger of electing highly unqualified women like the three nutballs above.
      Then I realized how many male nutballs are already there, and included them in.

      I read a few of the comments under your Kagan/Supremes post, and realized the left and right against Kagan still don’t get that the progressive nature of truth is not left or right thinking, liberal or conservative leaning; they don’t get that law is life itself— not the rules of its conduct. I think Kagan gets that.
      But it’s going to be great having three qualified women on the Supreme Court.

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