Teh Boner
Nothing wrong with playing too much golf— if you’re (melanoma) Teh Boner.

Sam Stein

Politicians tend to be forgiven for any number of vices — playing a lot of golf is not one of them.

After months of watching Republicans hammer President Obama for hitting the links on a weekly basis, Democrats are turning the tables. In an ad launched Monday morning, a duo of progressive groups go after House Minority Leader John Boehner [Golftard-Ohio] for a golf addiction rivaled by few others.

The spot, paid for by Blue America and Americans for America and drawing heavily from the MasterCard commercial theme, is airing in Boehner’s home district on behalf of his Democratic challenger: attorney and West Point graduate Justin Coussoule.

“Rounds of golf: 100 plus. Golf expenses: $83,000.
Membership at all male club: $75,000.
Special interest travel including golf junkets: $159,000.
Raising the retirement age to 70 and voting to end unemployment benefits: priceless.
For those who want an out-of-touch pro golfer for a Congressman, there’s John Boehner.
For everyone else, there’s Justin Coussoule.”


Let’s not mince words.  John Boner is an ambulatory pustule.  A bleb.  A boil. An inflamed, pus-filled swelling on the ass of Congress.  He’s a gluttonous golftard hypocrite who hits the links while his fellow pustules are swinging wildly at President Obama for playing golf once a week now and then. When President Obama plays golf, it makes him elitist;  when the golftard hypocrite John Boehner plays even more golf, it’s a fucking “hobby.”


The White House, when pressed on Obama‘s frequency on the links, has argued that it’s a productive way for him to find some relief from the wear and tear of the job. Boehner isn’t known as a particularly hard worker.  And when asked about the more indulgent expenditures he has made through his political action committee, the response has traditionally been that it’s for the benefit of positioning the party for 2010.  Golf, while a hobby, is also way to entertain donors and raise money.


A “hobby”?  Is heroin a “hobby”?  The guy is orange, for Christ’s sake.  Remember when Bush supposedly gave up golf during the Iraq War?  Teh Boner double bogeyed by hitting the greens more frequently.


The ad is not some cheeky effort for additional media recognition. It will be airing in Butler County on CNN, MSNBC, Fox (though not the Glenn Beck program) and Comedy Central and will be bolstered by a fundraising drive to keep it on air. 


Get your plastic pumped and send Comedy Central a few bucks to send this ad nationwide. Let’s make it our new hobby to air it every time the golftard hypocrite his the links.


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