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Debating the nuances of evolutionary religion

While the context is the Mad Pastor Terry Jones‘ proposed  burning of the Quran this Saturday, Jon Stewart and John Oliver take a peek under the hood of  what The Urantia Book terms “evolutionary religion” (in contrast to what it calls itself,  “revealed religion”).

No wonder that in the presence of so much retrograde religious expression, atheism is on the rise these days.

[T]he early or biologic religion of primitive man is largely a persistence of animal fear coupled with ignorant awe and tribal superstition. The survival of superstition in the Urantia races is hardly complimentary to your evolutionary development nor compatible with your otherwise splendid achievements in material progress…

Religion is the most rigid and unyielding of all human institutions, but it does tardily adjust to changing society. Eventually, evolutionary religion does reflect the changing mores, which, in turn, may have been affected by revealed religion. Slowly, surely, but grudgingly, does religion (worship) follow in the wake of wisdom—knowledge directed by experiential reason and illuminated by divine revelation.

-The Urantia Book

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