Bachmann-Boehner Overdrive

John Boehner appears ready to fight bad makeup with bad makeup, as he prepares to take on self-proclaimed Tea Party maven Michele Bachmann in the weaseling for Leader-Boner in the House.

WASHINGTON— Crazy knows crazy, my mama used to say.  Rep. Steve King, an elected piece of crazy from Iowa, said today in a lathery-frothy sort of way that Rep. Michele Bachmann is a “talented communicator” who would represent the views of the thirty-something newly elected Tea Partiers soon to form the crazy of the Republican House majority.  King said “The new majority must have a voice coated in red hot Republican red lipstick,” adding— “It must be rrreally red.”

No word yet if there will be makeup for maroons in the re-edumacation camps.

And lipstick brings us to the new Speaker-Boner of the Republicans, John Boehner, who appears ready to take on Bachmann obliquely, with what the yellow hairs at FUX are calling a catty smear at her sometimes erratic makeup skills by flaunting his own hot new made-up face.

Reporters chuckled sardonically nervously as Boehner, looking pale by his standards but stable after his latest public weeping jag, made no reference to his new, decidedly Bachmann-esque application of makeup, during his remarks today.  And true to form, none of the reporters had the balls to ask him what the fuck was up with that.

Whatever this latest insult to the senses registers on the crazy scale, we all know this is off the chart. Nevertheless, it’s much more calming to continue to distract ourselves from imagining what actual crazy is about to be “rammed down the throat” of our government’s discourse.
It’s the newly brewed, red-lipped Republican majority way.

Don’t get used to it.


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  2. Avatar BlueNose

    I like “red-lipped” as a metaphor of Republican “anger.” But I think it’s deeply disturbing to see a supposed “leader” like Boehner exhibit the emotional control of a weakling, (much worse than the tears that marked the end of Pat Schroeder’s political aspirations back in the late ’80s), and there are no repercussions. What a Republican pussy.

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