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Jon Stewart on Bush’s No Apology Tour

When Jon Stewart mentions half way through this segment that he hadn’t thrown up once, yet, he was referring to a nasty case of the stomach flu he was enduring (evident also in his interview with Rachel Maddow the same day). What he didn’t mention was exactly when his violent upchucking began. Was it before or after reviewing hours of video tape of George W. Bush‘s self-serving book promo interviews? God knows, Bush has made me sick to my stomach for a decade now, so I suspect the former.

When asked by one interviewer if, during the research phase of writing his memoir he had googled himself, Bush stiffened and said coldly: “My private life is none of your business. That’s between me and Pickles!”


Humor aside, what will history make of a dry drunk, messianic malignant narcissist with a room temperature IQ who never got a job that didn’t depend on a phone call from his daddy?

He destroyed the US economy for a generation by doubling the national debt through two ruinous tax cuts, two wars and occupations, and the unfunded Medicare Part D giveaway to the medical insurance complex.  His laissez-faire approach to regulation led directly to the collapse of Wall Street and the housing market, not to mention the poisoning of an entire marine ecosystem.

By invading Afghanistan and Iraq, he became the best recruiter Al Qaeda ever had.  By “getting even” with the guy who had tried to kill his dad, he destroyed an entire country, destabilized the Middle East, and greatly empowered Iran. He destroyed what moral authority the US had in the world by his disdain for the rule of law, ordering torture and rendition of foreigners on the flimsiest of evidence. At home, he pissed on the U.S. Constitution as he ushered in a national security state. He stared out his airplane window as the poor in New Orleans drowned.

His record speaks for itself.

No wonder his publisher held off on releasing his book until after the election for fear it would remind people just what a disaster our last Rethuglican presidency was.

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