Nazi Yahtzee

 Posted by on January 25, 2011 at 9:29 AM
Jan 252011
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Jon Stewart busts one of Rupert Murdoch’s Stepford wives, Megyn Kelly, on Fux News’ use of Nazi comparisons

Starring an ensemble cast of Fux regulars:  Ms. Kelly, William O’Really, Glenn Blech, Sean Insaniity, Burnee Goldberg, Greta Van Cistern, Scammy Bruce, Herr Rove, and a special cameo appearance by Gunther the News Pigeon delivering the poop on Roger What Ailes Ya.

Maybe poor Megyn didn’t get the memo that the techs at Fux hadn’t yet figured out a way to make videos of their shows self-destruct after being broadcast. Or that Stewart been watching  them daily for the last twelve years. Or that Media Matters has been archiving them for six.

More likely, the people at Fux just don’t care, since their main goal is to keep their viewers in a constant state of low boil agitation, consuming cognitive resources that would otherwise be available for, say, fact checking and reflection.

Murdoch lost a half billion dollars before Fux reached break-even. The man obviously knows the value of controlling a political narrative. Kinda like that outfit that Fux is always comparing its opposition to.

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    it’s too bad that msnbc didn’t fill countdown’s time slot with a show that points out all the lies being told in the media. instead, we just have talking heads who will repeat all that the other talking heads have already said. they could have been bold and forward thinking, but they play it safe and bore us all to tears.

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