Rethugs Redefine Rape

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Rape Victim Abortion Funding
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The Rethugs’ proposed “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortions Act”

Kristen Schaal (I love this woman!)  explains money rape, rape with benefits, rapemare and other Rethuglican fantasies.


  1. This is about the only site that really exposes rethug fiction. I only wish it would go viral. If the honest values of the old Republican platform were the media focus, I could accept it. The world thrives on pure media trash, with no “redeeming value” as the Big Court once said about pornography. We will always have troubles on this planet, but God, Mom, children, brotherhood and apple pie will remain the core values, and to change that is impossible, even for the rethugs.

    1. Thanks, Mike, but take some time exploring our blog role and you’ll find they’re all exposing the Rethug fictions in their own unique ways; which is why we love’em. It’s a small list because we try to read them ourselves, which is getting harder to do as the list grows, but we’ll keep at it.
      Real values will never disappear because they are what the universe is all about, and the culture war as it is currently being waged in this country in particular will eventually embrace those real values— truth, beauty, and goodness— no matter how long it takes. Thanks for chiming in. :mrgreen:

  2. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    They had to drop the language of “Forcible Rape” but that doesn’t make this stinking steaming pile of legislation any less offensive. In fact I think it was a ploy, to make it appear to be a concession to all us *little women out there.

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