Birther Barf & Obama Derangement Syndrome

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Goldie Taylor exposing the racism at the core of Trumper Birtherism on the Rachel Maddow Show*

[* Excuse the fracking fracking commercial.  I don’t have to wonder how Rachel feels about being sponsored by Exxon.]

As should be apparent to anyone with half a brain, the whole Birther bs is code for: President Obama is illegitimate.

By which Birthers mean either he’s black;  he’s a liberal;  or he’s not the guy I voted for. Or more likely, a combination of all three.

For Category One, see Goldie Taylor above.

For Category Two, see President  Bill Clinton.

Clinton was considered a liberal by most voters (at least until he deregulated Wall Street, signed two ruinous trade agreements, and “ended welfare as we know it.” ) Like Obama, he faced attacks on his legitimacy from the first day he took office. Special prosecutor Ken Starr spent some $70 million of taxpayer money investigating Whitewater, Trooper Gate, Travel Gate, Mena drug smuggling, Hilary’s law firm’s billing practices, her commodity trades, Vince Foster‘s “murder” etc, etc. None of which panned out. (The only thing Clinton got nailed on was lying about a BJ from Monica Lewinsky, a late addition to Starr’s portfolio, as I recall.)

For  Category Three, see Denialist, defined in Caligastia’s Dictionary (with apologies to William Ambrose Bierce ) as:

Denialist, n.  A true believer in the value of democracy until  his or her favorite candidate loses.

Denialists swear that Obama could not have been elected without  a massive voter fraud engineered by George Soros and Acorn, enforced by a couple of creepy looking second generation Black Panther wannabes. [source:  Fux News]

The ferocity of the campaign against Obama, however, suggests that all three are but different adumbrations of a single gestalt; what Political Psychiatrists term Obama Derangement Syndrome. [DSM Vol X: Teh Crazy Appendix].  While the attacks against Clinton were largely conducted through the legal system, Obama’s squeaky clean background requires a different, more sophisticated propaganda strategy to undermine his credibility.

In today’s all-encompassing multi-mass-media environment, a successful propaganda campaign needs but a thin thread of facts around which to weave a false narrative. The more facts the better, of course, but they are secondary to the overarching  purpose– keeping a target audience in an agitated emotional state.

Emotions are far easier to manipulate than thoughts. And when one emotionally compelling narrative starts to unravel under the slow but ultimately dispositive light of truth (Mark Twain once observed that a lie can travel around the world before the truth can get its shoes on), it is a relatively simple matter to keep the lizard brain engaged by replacing it with another emotionally charged narrative. Note, however, that political pornography, like its sexual counterpart, require an ever increasing levels of stimulation to maintain its desired effect .

After smoldering in the back wood swamps of wingerworld for the last thirty months, Bitherim has suddenly blazed into a major media conflagration, dominating one news cycle after another. Obama finally had enough and Tuesday produced that most holy of Birther writs*, the long form version of his birth certificate. (Winger speculation is that it was timed to hurt the sales of Swift Boat architect James Corsi‘s new book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” scheduled for release May 17.  Heh. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice…) On cue, the Rovians chambered another round, rushing to implement the next installment in the GODC (the Great Obama Delegitimization Campaign)– ‘Harvard Gate‘, trumpeted by the Trump Chump the very same day.

Speaking of whom, I was hoping that Obama would hold out releasing his birth certificate until Chumpie released his tax returns; or at least until he showed us his hairline. Happily, Jon Stewart has that latter angle ‘covered. See below. And I second his whispered emotion: “I pray this man runs for president.” I’d pay good money to see Trump debate Obama, or to watch his phantom private investigators get into a  bar fight with O.J. Simpson‘s PI’s on the Alternate Reality Channel.

Jon Stewart unveils the Trump Egometer, its highest setting being Chumpie’s image on a piece of toast


*POSTSCRIPT:  Birther industry profiteers like Alex Jones are keeping hope (and site traffic) alive by screaming from the rooftops that the Certificate released by Obama is a ‘chopped fake.  Here’s an alternative explanation from the web site of that noted commie-librul-Obama apologist rag,  National Review.

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