Leaked Vid of Royal Wedding Rehersal

I routinely ignore media coverage of the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Whatzhizname, and his bride to be, the commoner and soon to be Princess Whatzhername, whenever same happens to pass before my cognitive screen.

But as a longtime Monty Python fan who pines for the golden age of their satirical brilliance, this little ditty (ignore the commercial sponsor) had me saying: Oh, what the hell. Bring it on.

“Everybody in the House of Love” works for me.

Hereditary kingship avoided the anarchy which had previously wrought such havoc between the death of a king and the election of a successor. The family had a biologic head; the clan, a selected natural leader; the tribe and later state had no natural leader, and this was an additional reason for making the chief-kings hereditary. The idea of royal families and aristocracy was also based on the mores of “name ownership” in the clans.

The succession of kings was eventually regarded as supernatural, the royal blood being thought to extend back to the times of the materialized staff of Prince Caligastia. Thus kings became fetish personalities and were inordinately feared, a special form of speech being adopted for court usage. Even in recent times it was believed that the touch of kings would cure disease, and some Urantia peoples still regard their rulers as having had a divine origin.

—The Urantia Book

One Comment

  1. Isn’t it just that everybody loves a magician?

    And wishes that the magician would touch them with some magic?

    Cure me! Cure me! (Cry the crowd.)

    And the kids rattle the jewelry (h/t John Lennon) and glow.


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