Taking Credit For Bin Laden’s Death

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Obama Takes Credit for Bin Laden’s Assassination
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Stephen ruminates on the aftermath of the Obama Administration’s elimination of the the world’s most wanted criminal

In response to  Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and other Fux News asshats getting their knickers in a twist over President Obama‘s respect for the traditions of the Muslim religion by giving Usama Bin Laden full Muslim funeral rights, Stephen Colbert proposes an alternative that should satisfy them: hollow out Bin Laden’s corpse,  fill it with candy and hang it from the St Louis Arch, pinada style.

He notes that sadly, Obama has already politicized this historic achievement by being president during it.

And he points out that Obama’s plea for “working together…[to] remember the sense of unity that defines us as Americans” are just socialist code words for, wait for it:  working together and unity.

“This man is so desperate  for a bump in the polls to push his agenda that he took the easy road in  killing the world’s most wanted man. It’s  the same reason  FDR killed Hitler-– he was just pandering to the anti-genocide lobby.”

And when Andy Card and Karl Rove claim that it was the tools left to Obama by the Bush Administration  that contributed directly to Bin Laden’s demise, Stephen has no problem identifying who the real tools are.

Stephen concludes by asking:

“When is Obama going to kill Ghaddafi? It’s time that Bush took credit for that too.”

Indeed. Nothing agitates Obama Derangement Syndrome more than an Obama victory highlighting a George W. Bush failure.


  1. Avatar Dave

    It’s the same reason FDR killed Hitler– he was just pandering to the anti-genocide lobby.”

    Interesting twist on history, not true but I guess that is what they are taught in the US of A. An insult to all the nations that fought and died the entire length of the war in Europe, and the Soviet troops who were actually there shelling and 500 meters awaythere for his demise

    1. Propagandee Propagandee

      Hi Dave:

      It wasn’t meant to be true. It was sarcasm.

      Perhaps something was lost in the translation, assuming that English isn’t your native language.

      Or it could be that you are one of a given percentage of any population that aren’t neurologically wired to process sarcasm. No blame there, just a fact of humanity’s complicated and individually unique neuro-chemical makeup.

      See, e.g. Hurley, Dan. The Science of Sarcasm (Not That You Care). June 3, 2008, The New York Times.

  2. That’s a brilliant analogy (although unintentional, I’m sure).

    Exactly the same as how FDR killed Hitler (although Bush may get a little credit here along these lines).

    Left me laughing at least


    It’s the same reason FDR killed Hitler– he was just pandering to the anti-genocide lobby.”

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